Quarantine the Rest of Week 4

Happy Monday Friends! Spring Break is over and we are back to the homeschool grind. We are going to have to try and figure out a schedule starting this week since we are not returning back to school this year. 😒The 3 weeks we were out before Spring Break, I just let them work on their school work whenever, as long as they got it finished, with the hopes that we would be returning back to school but no such luck so we gotta figure out a schedule!

I recapped the first half of our Quarantine week 4 here. I hope you will grab our graphic and join us. 

Wednesday, April 8th- 

The kids and I spent the morning hanging out around the house and then we meet Ben at the golf course around 2. Our course is still open and has gone through great lengths so that no one is touching anything after each other. Only one person per cart (except a child can ride with an adult but 2 adults can't ride together. Like I can't ride with Ben), no community drink coolers, no ball washers, the flag sticks are in the holes but you can't remove them. 

So thankful the course is not closed or my gang would be losing their minds. I was just along for the ride and wine. 

and a white claw and my kindle.

We got take out from the club for dinner and then enjoyed another drink on the back deck. Ben just loves when I take pictures for the blog. 😜

Thursday, April 9th- 

We rode to see my Maw-Maw through the window at her nursing home. We even took the pups. We called her and talked through the window for a few minutes before her lunch arrived. We both got teary eyed because I just want to hug her neck so bad. It did my heart good to see her. 

After that we drove by and talked to my mom from her driveway. We just needed to lay our eyes on our people. 

We even drove by to see Talia and the boys. Well half of her boys.

After that I dropped the kids off at the course to meet Ben. I went home to start planting my plants in my pots. I hope to share them on Friday! We had mexican for dinner.

Ella made homemade Cinnamon Rolls and we had one for dessert. They were SO GOOD! Ben called her "Ellabon" πŸ˜‰

Friday, April 10th- 

It was Granddaddy's birthday so we texted him Happy Birthday!! To bad we can't celebrate. 😒
I cleaned out my closet and then I started doing yard work. I had to finish a pot of plants, I had 2 flower beds that I needed to clean up before the yard guys put down pine straw next week. 

While Ella was making this Oreo dessert! Again it was so GOOD! I am going to gain so much weight with all this baking. 

Ben picked the kids up around 2 and they went back to the course. I did a few other things around the house like feed my sourdough starter for the second day. 

I grilled pork chops, bacon wrapped jalapenos, and corn on the cob. But before my gang got home I stole a few quiet moments on the back deck with a drink, my kindle, and a blanket. 

Saturday, April 11th- 

My guys went to the golf course for an 11:30 tee time. Ella and I hung out around the house and then around 2:00 we headed to the course to meet them so Ella could play 9 holes.

Of Course, I grabbed a glass of wine and rode along.

When we got home, Ella and I dyed Easter eggs.

Then we had a bonfire.

At almost 10Pm, the "Easter Bunny" came and then she went to bed. πŸ˜‰

Sunday, April 12th- Easter Sunday. 

I got up cooked breakfast and then watched Easter service online n my pj's with coffee.

Then I took a quick shower but on comfy clothes, no make up, did a quick clean sweep of the house, and spent the rest of the day looking like Trixie...

No Egg Hunts, No cute Easter outfits, and No family photo but we did watch two movies!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe weekend.

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