Our Week when My Mac Stopped Working but We had a Happy Hour.

Happy Wednesday Friends. I think I am almost up to date with my recaps. I still have blogging reading to catch up on. July has been a rough one and it is taking me some time to catch up.

I am recapping July 20th-26th.

Monday, July 20th- 

It was a day of all the errands since we had been out of town for Ian's golf tournament. Apparently, I was so productive I didn't take any pictures. 

Tuesday, July 21st- 

It was another productive day of working around the house, working on the blog, and working on orders. 

Wednesday, July 22nd-

It was a frustrating day to say the least.  

Duke was suppose to get his teeth cleaned but I forgot and fed him breakfast. 

My Mac just stopped working. It was not power back on. So you know how long I was on the phone with tech support and we still couldn't get it to power back on so I have an appointment today to get it looked at.

The propane tank ran out of gas as I was grilling dinner. UGH. Luckily, we had a back up. 

But I did catch a sweet moment of my kiddos actually hugging each other. It's a rare moment that needed to be documented. HA 

Thursday, July 23rd-

We enjoyed a quiet moment that I ran Ian to the golf course around 12:45. Then Ben picked Ella and I up around 5 to head back to the club for Happy Hour. The kids played a few holes, went to the driving range, and putted while Ben and I enjoyed a few drinks and appetizers with Chris and Kim. On the way home, we ran through Zaxby's to grab the kids dinner and look I captured another sweet moment. 

Friday, July 24th-

I dropped Ian off at the golf course and Ella and I went to meet Ben and Grammy for lunch. Then Ben went back to work while the girls went shopping. I picked Ian up from the course and Ben was home by 4 to watch THE BRAVES!! YAY for baseball.  

Later that evening, we grilled pork chops for dinner and enjoyed a drink on the back deck. 

Saturday, July 25th- 

I started my day off on the Peloton. I love riding with Ally Love. 

Then I went to our local farmers market with Stephanie. We had planned to do a little shopping in our downtown area but Ian called me from the golf course not feeling well so I had to go pick him up. Poor Dude. 

Later that afternoon,  Ella and I meet Grammy, Kim, Ben, and Chris at the pool. We stayed until it started storming. Ian stayed home curled up in his bed. 

That evening, we watched baseball and called it a day! 

Sunday, July 26th- 

Ben went to the course. Both kids stayed home with me. Ian still wasn't feeling great so we just chilled. I took a nap, did some laundry and a clean sweep of the house. But I started my day with online church. 

XOXO, Heather 

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