Our Week with the pool & the first part of our lake trip.

Happy Wednesday Friends. Thank you all so much for the love and support with the news of losing my Father in Love. We are slowly getting back into our groove. I am back to blogging. It was a nice break but man did I miss this little space.

I will start with recapping our lives starting with the Week of June 29th-July 5th

Monday, June 29th-

It was a day of laundry and catching up from our trip to Savannah. I went to the gym and to Publix. Ian spent the week in Augusta, GA with Rob and Brett.

Tuesday, June 30th-

It was another day of working on orders, getting a ride in on the Peloton, and taking Duke to the vet for is annual check up. Ella had Madelyn come over to spend the night.

So by Tuesday evening, we all looked like this...

Both dogs love to lay on my decorative pillows. HA 

Wednesday, July 1st-

I started the day at the gym not knowing that it would be my last class I take with Becca (my favorite trainer; she was fired/forced to quite:() But I am loving my new shoes.

Later that evening Ella went to Madelyn's to hang out for a little bit so Ben and I decided to try a new restaurant that just opened.

This is the Gringo 'rita. Ben got the Jalapeno 'rita and it was so GOOD!  

Thursday, July 2nd- 

Ben went into the office for a little bit and I went to the grocery to get everything we needed for a weekend at the lake. Then late afternoon we headed to the lake with The Boswell's for the 4th of July weekend. Grammy and Granddaddy came to our to stay with the pups. 

Friday, July 3rd- 

It never gets old waking up to this view. 

By 11:00, the gang was ready to tube. 

Love my handsome caption. 

Just before 1:00, we came in for lunch and Charlie wanted me to cut his sandwich into a heart. I don't think he thought I could do it. Well I proved him wrong. 😉

Around 3:30, we were back out on the water. 

We came in for the evening to cook dinner and right before we were about to eat, Ben got the call from his mom that she had to take Ben's dad to the ER. Ben headed home to be with her and the pups. 

Later that evening, we went for a sunset cruise.  They looked like "pogues" in this picture. 

Missing Ben in this picture. 

We even got to see some fireworks. 


Our other caption got us successfully back to the house for the evening. 


I will be back on Friday with the rest of our lake trip recap. 

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