Monthly Goals | September 2023

Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! Happy September!! It's a new month so that means new goals! 

Let's start with S E P T E M B E R...


1. Delete 1,000 pictures. Still have over 13,000 pictures on my camera roll! UGH

2. Continue going to my WW weigh ins and meetings. That's where you can find me every Thursday morning. 

3. Mark 4-5 items off the home improvement list. I am ready to clean out and organize all the things since the kids have gone back to school. 

4. Decorate for Fall. EEK! I can't believe it is already time to start pulling out pumpkins. 

5. Close Apple Rings 10 times. I really need to get back into an exercise routine and setting this goal always seems to help me. 


1. Watch all the Football. It's the best time of the year. 

2. Ella- Attend the FFA Regional Rally. She is excited to be apart of FFA again this year. 

3. Ben and I- Celebrate 20 years. We have a fun little getaway planned. I am so excited. 

4. Ian- College Golf- He will officially start practice and will be able to start qualifying for tournaments. Their first college tournament is at the end of the month. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Share the Bulldawg Bar Cart. Y'all know I love the bar cart and sharing it. 

2. Share Fall Decor. I am still loving everything neutral this year. 

3. Share Halloween Ideas. I plan to share apparel, decor, and kitchen items. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Vendor Events- I am signed up for 2 events this fall and hopefully a 3rd. So that means I need to get busy creating goodies. 

2. Party Box- take 2! Y'all might remember a while back I wanted to create a "party box.' The box would include items like a glass, a mug, cupcake toppers, paper straws, festive napkins, etc. 

Let's see how I did in A U G U S T....



✘1. Delete 1,000 pictures. Y'all my camera roll is out of control. I have over 13,000 pictures. I deleted some but not enough! 

✘2. Continue going to my WW weigh ins and meetings. That's where you can find me every Thursday morning. I went to 2 meetings but weighted in at home 2 times. 

✔3. Mark 4-5 items off the home improvement list. I am ready to clean out and organize all the things since the kids are going back to school. 

✘4. Get into a routine. Our lives are about to drastically change when Ian moves out and Ella starts driving. I will have to make sure I create a routine for my mental health. I think this was such an adjustment month that I have created a routine that I love yet or that flows for me. 



✔1. Ella start her sophomore year of high school. I can't believe she is already starting her second year of high school. 

✔2. Move Ian into his dorm. I am so excited for him and dreading it all at the same time. 

✔3. Host the Annual JGO. Ben has hosted this golf tournament in memory of his grandfather for 18 years and this is the 4th year that we are hosting it to benefit Ella's high school golf team. 

✔4. Member-Member Tournament. We love watching Ben and Ian play in the member-member at the club But this year Ian will not be able to play and we are so sad. Ben is playing with his brother this year. Plus the I get to join them on Saturday evening for a dinner. 

My Glittery Heart: 

✔1. Share Bulldawg Bar Cart. Y'all know how much I love the bar cart. It's so fun to decorate for all the occasions. 

✘2. Share Carpool ideas. I have sat in carpool for many, many years and have found creative ways to spend that time so I thought I would share since I only have 2.5 more months of sitting in carpool line. I just never got around to writing this post. 

✘3. Share Outfits. Part of one of my personal goals is to get into a routine and that includes actual getting dressed and not just wearing lounge clothes everyday. Most days were work out clothes

✔4. Share Dorm Room Essentials. I know I am not the first mama to send her child off to college but I think it will be fun to share some of the items that I have purchased for his room to maybe help another mama. Shopping for a boys dorm is very overwhelming because Ian doesn't care. It will be so different when it comes Ella's time to shop for a dorm room. 


Oh My Glitter: 


✘1. Share on social media. I'm excited to get back to consistent posting. 

✘2. Make 1 party in a box. Last August, I shared that I had an idea brewing in my head. That idea was to create a box that had several party items in it. So I am going to make one happen this month! 

Here are a few pictures to recap our month...

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