Our Week with The Yellow Daisy Festival and Covington.

22 years ago....Do you remember where you were when the world stopped spinning? It was my first day at the hospital as a PCT. I walked into a patients room to refill their water bottle and we both just stared at his TV. In complete shock and disbelief. Praying for all involved on that tragic day.  

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday!! I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Monday, September 4th- Labor Day

Coffee and Jesus. Ben went to play golf. I made bread and completed day 1 of 4 weeks for everybody. Few loads of laundry and then Ella and I headed to the movies with Leigh Anne, Bailey, and LA's mom to see Haunted Mansion. It was ok. I probably wouldn't watch it again. Ian headed back to LaGrange. Once Ella and I got home from the movies. I switched the laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. Then her and I headed to the pool to hang out with Stephanie, Krista, and the girls plus a few boys! 😉 We picked up Freddy's for dinner and crashed. 

Ian sent us these pictures of his media day...

Tuesday, September 5th- 

Coffee and Jesus! Ella to school. When I got home, I got day 2 done of 4 weeks for everybody. Also, got  a ride on the Peloton while watching Virgin River. Trixie was there for moral support! HA 

She loves laying on piles of dirty clothes! 

Did some work in the craft room, got ready and headed to my 1PM nail appointment. Picked up Ella from school, did a little more work, and then it was tacos for dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen, showered, chilled, and bed. 

Wednesday, September 6th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and took Ella to school. I came home and jumped on a virtual WW meeting. Then I completed day 3 of 4 weeks for everybody. 

I loved this slide from my WW meeting. 

I picked up Ella from school and took her to her 4:15 nail appointment. We picked up Barberitos for dinner. Then I came home to work on some Atomic Habits bookclub work. 

I saw this and it hit home. 

Thursday, September 7th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Got ready, took Ella to school, back home to wait on my mom and sister to head to Stone Mountain for the annual Yellow Daisy Festival. 

But before I got ready I weighted in at home and was down 2.9 so I'm down 1.7 total. 

Ella left school around 9AM with her FFA for their regional rally. 

We walked around for a few hours then stopped at one of my favorite mexican restaurants for lunch! 


We headed back to my house and my mom and sister headed home. I went to Trader Joes to get flowers for Ella to make bouquets and boutonnieres for homecoming! 

I got home, freshened up, Ben got home, and we went to dinner with Adam and Susanne. We got home late and crashed. 

Friday, September 8th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Leigh Anne got to my house around 9AM and we headed to Covington to scope out a few of the Sweet Magnolias filming locations. It was a such a FUN morning/afternoon. 

I love my new mug from Mountain Mama Pottery that I picked up at the Yellow Daisy Festival. 

The Welcome Center. 

Vampire Dairies was filmed here and tours are offered. The welcome center housed lots of props. Now LA and I both want to watch the series. 

Parts of Dukes of Hazzard was also filmed in Covington. 

Along with scenes from Sweet Home Alabama. 

Paula's House. 

Dana Sue's house. 

Another angle of Dana Sue's house. 

The Corner Spa. 

Maddie's House. 

Mystic Grill is Sullivan's. 

Town Square. 

We got home around 1:30. I started Virgin River season 5. Then I went to pick up Ella around 2:15. Around 4:30, I dropped Ella off at Addison's, came home, got comfy, and watched more Virgin Rivers. Ben got home and we just chilled. I fell asleep on the couch and Ben went to pick up Ella at Addison's after the football game. When they got home, we all crashed. 

Ian flew to Philadelphia with his roommate and his dad to play golf and go to a Tyler Childers concert. They left Friday afternoon and flew home on Monday morning. 

Saturday, September 9th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ben headed to the golf course. I enjoyed a slow morning before waking Ella up and getting her going before heading to Laney Brooks to get ready for Homecoming.....

Which I will recap tomorrow because it is LOTS of photos!! 

Sunday, September 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ben headed to the course. I enjoyed a super slow morning. Had groceries delivered, picked Ella from Addison's, we got home, she rested, and I got busy getting stuff done for a new week. 

Ben got home with lunch, we ate, I napped, then got up, typed this post, did all the laundry, made dog food, made chicken taco soup for my lunches this week. 

How was your week and weekend?? 

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