Our Week with Planning a Day Trip, Fall Decorating, and a DAWG Win

Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! How is your week going so far?? I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Monday, August 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and took Ella to school. I came home, got a ride on the Peloton, and had a hair appointment at 10:45. Met Leigh Anne for lunch, ran to Publix, picked up Ella after school, made dinner, took Ella to Young Life, picked her up around 9PM. We got home, showers, and BED. 

Y'all this song just wrecks me right now....

Tuesday, August 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Took Ella to school but was right back to the school to pick her up around 10AM. She just didn't feel good. She stayed in bed for the remainder of the day and slept on and off. Luckily, no fever or any other symptoms. 

I did things around the house, cooked fajitas for dinner, showers, and then we all crashed. But the best thing I did all day was research a day trip...

Leigh Anne and I are taking a day trip to Covington, GA to see all the iconic places in the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias. We are SO EXCITED! 

Wednesday, August 30th- 

Ella and I were on the struggle bus so I slept a little later, We got ready, I dropped off Ella at school and then I took Ben's truck to get serviced. Stopped by Publix and Bath and Body Works. 

Got home, Started Vegetable Soup, and had a Zoom call for a Gluten Free workshop that I am working my way through.  

Picked Ella up from school, she did homework, then we met Ben at El Real for dinner. Got home finished a few things around the house, showers, and BED! 

Look at my handsome boy on the golf website...

Thursday, August 31st- 

Coffee and Jesus. Got ready, Dropped Ella off at school, went to my WW, then headed to the Oasis for a meeting with Brandy. I went to pick up the quarter of a cow that we purchased from a friend. Dropped off an 1/8th of it at The Boswells because we split. 

Got home for a little bit, then went to pick up Ella from school. Dropped her off at Addison's for FNL that was moved to a Thursday night because the kids were out of school on Friday. 

Ben and I enjoyed an evening at home alone. We grilled a ribeye for dinner and just relaxed. 

Ian had his first round of qualifying for his first college tournament. He shot the lowest on his team with a 72. YAY Ian! 

Friday, September 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, and NO SCHOOL. I got a ride on the Peloton, got ready, took the pups to the vet at 11AM, picked up Ella after the vet, and grabbed CFA for lunch. 

I got all my Fall decorations out. 

I put out my fall decor, the boys got home, Kathryn and Catherine came over. :) We ordered Friends for dinner and then it was showers and bed. 

Look who was enjoying "sunning" 

Saturday, September 2nd- 

GAME DAY! Coffee and Jesus. Coffee in one of my favorite mugs. 

Boys headed to Mountain Top to play golf. They were so EXCITED! 

Ella and I headed to the Mall of Georgia for some shopping and lunch at Tin Lizzy's. Look at Ella's new shirt. 

At 6PM, Ella and I curled up on the couch to watch the UGA game. 

Love these 2! 

I CRASHED after the game and the boys got home around 10:40PM. 

Sunday, September 3rd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Enjoyed a slow morning, Did a clean sweep of the house, few loads of laundry, Boys got home from golf, and then Ben's mom, brother, and his brother's new girlfriend came over for dinner. We grilled burgers and watched the FSU/LSU game on the back deck. It was a fun evening. 

After everyone left, I cleaned up, and CRASHED! 

Have a great day! 

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