Our Week with Ella getting her Licenses, a Funeral and a Wedding.

Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! I meant to get this weekly recap up on Wednesday but that didn't happen so here I am on a Friday recapping last week and weekend. 


Monday, October 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school. Then. I came home to do all the things! Before I knew it, it was time to get in lime to pick up Ella. 

Ian was playing in a golf tournament in North Carolina and he put Gavin's initials as his ball marker. Gavin is the funeral that we later attend this week. He was 23. I will share more of his story on Thursday. 

Later that evening, I took Ella to YL and before I went back to get her I logged into my WW meeting and look at Motivated Meredith .  

She is preaching the love of WW. 

I also had to find the time to sign Ella up for YL. Y'all that was as successful as trying to get Taylor Swift tickets. Some kids were waitlisted but I got our girl in. 

I drove her car to pick her up so she could drive home to prepare for the next week. We got home and crashed. 

Tuesday, October 17th- 

I was up and ready late on the coffee and no Jesus. :( We headed to the DDS for Ella's road test. Y'all it was a MESS. But after 2.5 hours she passed her road test. 

We picked up CFA for lunch and then when we got finished, she drove herself to Target ALL ALONE. 

It was so WEIRD! Later I took her to school, picked her up, came home and all the evening activities. 

Wednesday, October 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school, a few house chores including Ella's sheets but this is what I had to work with with. HA Can you spot Bella?? 

Later that afternoon, Ben picked me up and we headed to Gavin's visitation. This sweet boy was the son of one of Ben's close co-workers. They have worked together for 15ish years. So we have watched each others babies grow up. Gavin has suffered with addition for awhile. He was in rehab and after 30 days of being clean, he was giving the privilege of a little more freedom. He went to a safe friends house to take a shower at some point he took a pill that he had no idea that was laced with fentanyl. Y'all its a scary world. My heart breaks for this precious family. 

After the visitation, a few of us went out to dinner. We got home late and crashed. 

Thursday, October 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella's first day driving herself to school and I was a mess. It was also Leigh Anne's birthday and my sister and Stacey's wedding anniversary. 

Ben worked from home and I worked in the craft room. Around 11:30, Ben and I headed to Gavin's funeral service on their family farm. It was a beautiful service. 
After the funeral service, it was a graveside service that Ben and I did not attend. We went to lunch and then headed back to the farm for a reception. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful boy that will be greatly missed here on earth but is rejoicing with our Lord and Savior and oh what a reunion that will be when we met again someday! 

Ben and I got home around 6:30 and pretty much did nothing else. It had been an emotional few days. 

Friday, October 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school, and then I played catch up from the week. Finally that evening, I was able to sit down and chill. I saw this meme and it's so TRUE! It will be going up next week. 

We all crashed that evening. Well Ella spent the night at LB's. 

Saturday, October 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, got ready and headed to Ben's cousin's daughters wedding. We met Keith and Dixie for lunch and drinks before the wedding. Then headed to the wedding at 3PM. We enjoyed the wedding service and then the reception. 

Look who was the bartender.....

Dixie and I swore he looked like Casey Dutton's little brother so I had to get a selfie. 

We headed to check into the hotel, change clothes, and then the afterparty at Mellow Mushroom. We had a blast talking to everyone then we headed back to the hotel for drinks and stayed up talking to Ben's cousins and aunt and uncle until 1AM! Y'all it was AWESOME! We laughed, We drank, and just enjoyed each others company. 

Sunday, October 22nd- 

Ben and I got up and headed home. We got home around 10:30, I went into "Sunday Mode", Ben ran to Publix to get a pork tenderloin to smoke and I made Taco Soup. 

At the wedding, they had a mug tree for coffee and you could take the mug home with you. 

They had all different sizes, designs, and from different locations. They added their name and date on the bottom. Such a cute idea. 

We sent the rest of Sunday just chilling and getting ready for a new week. 

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