Our Week with Rewatching Hart of Dixie, Back in the Craft Room, and a Braves Game

 Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am recapping last week and weekend! 


Monday, September 25th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I came home to work out. I deep cleaned our master bathroom and did a quick clean of our room. Deep cleaning our master bathroom is next on my To Clean/ Organize list. 

Before I knew it, it was time to get in line to get Ella and she had a 3:45 hair, then her and I picked up CFA for dinner, and picked up my grocery order. 

We got home, ate, and got Ella to Young Life. Ben and I chilled until I had to go pick up Ella from Young Life and I crashed. 

Tuesday, September 26th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I got home, got ready, and headed to The Oasis for a cooking demo. Ella had her floral competition for FFA so they left school around 2pm. Since I didn't have car pool duties, I wrote up to Jaemor Farms to get a few items. Ran a few more errands and then home to do a few house chores. Ben ended up going to Ella's competition to pick her up, they went to dinner, and the UA outlet. 

I blogged and enjoyed a glass of wine. 


 When Ben and Ella got home, we all crashed. 

Wednesday, September 27th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I came home to workout. Got ready, worked on an order, prepped for our golf booster club meeting. 

I picked up Ella, dropped her off at the nail salon, and I headed to my meeting. When she finished with her appointment, I went back to pick her up, and then home to fix dinner. Ate, cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and chilled until bedtime. 

Thursday, September 28th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I came to home to workout. Brought in the Halloween bins, worked on orders, did laundry, and look at my hand.... It felt good to be playing with glitter again.


Got ready, headed to pick up Ella, Ben got home, and we headed to The braves game. 

Ella wanted to see Swanson. 

We dropped off Addison and got home super late. We all crashed. 

Friday, September 29th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. We were all on the struggle bus. I got my workout in, got ready, and Kathryn and I headed to Legends to met the boys for lunch. They went to play golf while I went to buy pumpkins and to Publix. I picked Ella and Aubrey up from school. We chilled after school, I made fajitas for dinner, then the kids headed to the football game, Ben went to the PGA Superstore, and after I cleaned up the kitchen, I crashed on the couch. Ben got home then Ian and Kathryn got home. Then Ben went to pick up the girls and then we all crashed. 

Saturday, September 30th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Boys went to the course while the girls slept in. I did a quick clean of the house, washed my car, and ran back to Publix to grab a few things I forgot! HA 

I made chili and white chicken chili to have for lunch while watching football. The girls came over to get ready for Homecoming round 2. 

Ian was home for the weekend and Trixie was loving it. 

We took pictures at Legends.

After pictures we took them to dinner at Sarazen's. Dropped them off at the dance. Ben got a text about an hour later that they were ready to be picked up! HA 

Once they got home, they had 2 boys come hang out and they sit up the TV on the back deck. Enjoyed hot cider and a movie. 

The boys left at midnight and then I got them all ready for bed and I crawled in the bed at 12:45. 

Sunday, October 1st- 

Coffee and Jesus lots of coffee. Ian headed back to LaGrange early to leave for a tournament. Then the girls slowly started getting up and leaving. I cleaned house and did all the laundry, took a nap, warmed up chili for dinner and Ella and I curled up on the couch to watch Hocus Pocus 2. 

We crashed and were ready for a new week. 


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