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Happy Friday Y'all! I hope your week was a good one. I am sharing a few favorites from lately. 

Y'all know I am a paper planner girl and have used the Erin Condren one for YEARS! But I just recently started being a digital planner girl because I don't always carry my paper planner with me so it's nice to have everything on my phone as well if I need to make a hair appointment, Doctors appointment, etc. 

I just use the Apple one on my phone and love it! It is a new FAVORITE for sure! 

If you use a planner- paper or digital let me know in the comments below. 

In November, I became a Swig girl and I am LOVING this design that I purchased for Leigh Anne and I. It reminds me of all of our Nashville trips. 

If you are a long time reader then you know that I always get french on my nails and red on my toes. but this last time I got red on my nails and it might just be a new FAVORITE!! 

This one might be a little odd but the dish soap dispenser on my sink was constantly leaking so I didn't refill it. But I hated having to get my big bottle of Dawn out from under my sink each time I needed it so I found this one from Target and it is AWESOME. 

I have mentioned before that I enjoy my coffee and Jesus each morning and I have read this devotional several times but recently I purchased it with this cover and it is a FAVORITE for sure

Why, yes I bought a Bogg Bag that matches my craft room and Blog name. It is my absolute FAVORITE Bogg Bag design. 

Cheers to the weekend friends!! 

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