Our Week with Golf, Bible Study, and the Pups.

Happy Monday, Y'all! I hope y'all had a great weekend! Ours went by way to fast!! I am recapping last week and this weekend. 

Monday, February 19th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. Ian was home because he was on Winter Break. He got ready and headed to Legends. I threw myself together and packaged up the 3 putters that Ben sold. I dropped those off at The UPS store and picked up my WalMart grocery order. 
I got home, unloaded, and put up the groceries. Then I got myself ready and headed to Legends to watch Ian's golf team play a round of golf at his home course. 

But when you feel like someone is watching you at 6:50AM. 

She was hungry and had to potty. 

Packaging up 3 putters took a lot longer than I was expecting. 

Trixie at 11:56AM... 

By 12:45, I was watching these guys. 

Ella met us at the course after school and around 5:15, we treated the golf team to mexican for dinner!! 

Ella left a little early to head to Young Life and then we all got home around 7:15. 

I showered and then waited for Ella to get home before crashing. 

Tuesday, February 20th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. Ian was still on break. I hopped on the Peloton. Ian got ready and headed to grab breakfast before heading to Newnan for another round of golf with the team. 

Love this kid. 

I went to The Chosen Study at The Oasis. Came home to straighten up the house, load of laundry, Ella had practice, and look who I had to vacuum because his new favorite thing to do it roll in the dead grass. 

After practice, Ella went to the baseball game and then came home all mad because I wouldn't let her do anything after school the next day because her social life is so busy and her grades are starting to reflect that. Her and Ben got into a huge argument. It was not a fun night in our house but they did end up talking everything out. 

Wednesday, February 21st- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. I got a ride on the Peloton. Got myself ready and headed to my dentist appointment at 10:40. After my dentist appointment, I headed to pick up Arby's for Stacey. Stopped by Publix to pick me up a sub and headed to my sister's house. I visited with her and Stacey until about 3:45. My uncle and aunt (Doug and Bobbie) came by to visit as well. We had a great visit. 

I got home, marinated burgers for dinner, worked on a blog post, and by 5PM grilling burgers because when Ella and Ben got home from practice around 5:45 they were starving. 

I got the kitchen cleaned up, showered, and planted my butt on the couch for the evening. 

Look who didn't want to get out of the bed....

Thursday, February 22nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. I got a ride on the Peloton. I sat down at the computer to work on some Young Life Golf Tournament stuff and spent most of the day there. 

I didn't get a whole lot accomplished around the house and that's ok. 

Ella got home from school, changed and headed to pictures and practice. Ella and Ben got home from practice, ate chicken fajitas, and headed to Ella's 6:45 hair appointment. He couldn't handle her walking out of the hair salon around 7:45 by herself so he went with her :) 

They got home, I showered, and was in bed by 9PM. 

Friday, February 23rd- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ella off to school. Then I went back to my chair and enjoyed my quiet time and coffee. 

Love my Trixie Roo. 

I did eventually get up and clean house. 

I meal planned, typed this blog post, and got my week planned for this week. Trixie thought we needed a nap. I didn't disagree with her. 

Ella got home, we chilled, Ben got home, we chilled more, Ella went to play pickleball, Ian got home for the weekend, and we all crashed. 

Saturday, February 24th-

Coffee and Jesus. Then my three headed to the golf course. I enjoyed a slow morning. Then I got ready and headed out on a few errands. I ended up at Legends for lunch. After lunch, I came home, worked on this post, placed my WalMart grocery pick up order. 

I even dozed off before heading to The Bistro with Jud and Stephanie along with Andy and Krista. We ended the night at a high school basketball game. 

Look who got back in her favorite spot while I got ready for the day. 

Sunday, February 25th- 

We were up early and headed to Legends for breakfast and for my people to play 9 holes. Ella met us there because she sent the night at Addison's. 

When we got there Ella said she didn't feel great but we all thought it was from her hitting so many golf balls on Saturday and not being used to it so she was sore. 

After breakfast they went down to the range and they teed off at 10:10. 

We got home a little after 12 and I headed to pick up my WalMart and then grabbed a handful of items from Publix. I was home by 1:30. 
I put up all the groceries, marinated pork chops, finished Ian's laundry, started our laundry, checked on Ella and her cheeks were flushed and I knew she had a temperature just by looking at her. I gave her a motrin around 3:30. Ben and I started cooking dinner. We wanted to have it early so Ian could get on the road back to school. 
After we ate, I cleaned up the kitchen, switched out the laundry, showered, got ready for bed, and chilled on the couch. 
Ian headed back to school around 5:30. Once he got back, I read for a little bit longer and went to bed!! 

How was your weekend???

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