Prime Purchases | January 2024

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Happy Monday Y'all! Today I am sharing my Prime Purchases from January and joining Tanya.  



My new phone case.

Ella's new slippers. 

Ian's new iPad case. 

My favorite shower steamers. 

Another version of my favorite hooded sweatshirt. 

A new version of New Morning Mercies devotional. 

I love my new hair dryer. 

Ella's new sweatpants. 

Shoe rack for our peloton shoes.

Love this green sweater. 

Ella got these goggles for her chemistry labs. She didn't want to have to share goggles! HA 

More of the disposable face towels. 

My favorite shower steams in lavender! Oh yes! 

More Molly Suds because this helps mine and Ian's eczema not to flair up. 


What did you prime in January?? 

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