Breakfast & Ice Skating

We had such a fun day yesterday! We heart Christmas Break :) We started the day off with a NorthPole Breakfast from Chris and Belle! I have loved the idea of a North Pole Breakfast ever since I saw it on Andrea's Blog a few years ago! 

This is how I left it when I went to bed. Just in case anyone woke up during the night :)
Just waking up realizing the Elves left hem a surprise! 
Ella loves powdered donuts 
Cute little picks from a cupcake kit from TJ Maxx (Thanks Andrea for the idea)

They also left Pete's Dragon, but Ella wouldn't watch it because she was told it was so sad :/
They also got sweet tea for breakfast in their Yeti's-HA

They enjoyed their little breakfast of donuts, bacon, and waffles! 

We then watched Christmas with The Kranks' and gave Trixie LOTS of Snuggles! 

Then last night we went to our little town's Ice Skating Rink....
Ella was trying so hard not to fall
Ian did a great job of holding up the wall! ;)

Just the moms! 
Sweet Friends :)
Conyer was trying to do some fancy move and about ate the ice, so he grabbed onto Ian for dear life! HA 

Once he got his self upright again....
they were Mr. Cool's :) 

Silly Girls! 
We tried to get a group picture on the ice! 
Finally we got a group shot on the sleigh! 

We had so much fun with our friends ice skating and then we walked over to a little Pizzeria for dinner! 

Hope you have a great Thursday! 

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