hello Monday {Christmas Festivities}

Hello Monday! You came really quickly again but that 's ok because it's CHRISTMAS BREAK :) 

We had a FANTASTIC weekend! We had 3 Christmas Festivities to attend! 

Saturday Morning, we started at my grandparents house! 
The best Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw in the whole world! 
Side note: their first "selfies" HA

Best Cousin in the world
It's always tradition for Maw-Maw to give out presents and the grandchildren gather around the tree! 
We did it as kids and now our kids do it! 

I wanted a picture of Ian! Shonda tried to get him to look! HA 
Maw-Maw got all the boys gift cards and hid them in the tree! 

Then it was time for Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw to open their presents! 
Tonya and I went in together and got them a Jitterbug phone! 
The perfect phone for endearing people! 

After Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw's house, we went to my mom's house for the evening!

Love my honey! 
Sweet Trixie! Visiting Grandma Deb's house for the first time! 
Duke and Trixie stayed at mom's while we were at my grandparents! 
We played Bean Boozled. Well I should say...they played I just took pictures! HA 
Joyce got dog food! HA
What will Eric get?!?!
He didn't get a bad one! 

Shonda got something about fish...it was GROSS! 
The pups were loving Grandma and Eric! 
Ella bought Grandma Deb a tea towel from her Santa Shop
She bought Ton-Ton an ornament! 
She got Alexa! She loves her!! 

Ben tackled Jayce

This kid racked up the gift cards this weekend! :) 
Eric and Candace bought Ella a sewing machine and gave Ian cash! 
Gary always gets a bag of coal! aka: QT gift card! 
Silly Jayce! 
Trixie was exhausted! HA
After 2 Christmas parties, I cam home and wrapped up in my Blardigan! 
Sunday morning vibes! 

Sunday afternoon Vibes! 
Christmas Sangria
Dixie, Me, and Tammy! 
Keith explaining the Dirty Santa Rules!
Dixie, Me, Tammy, and Rich
Our Dirty Santa consists of all boozes! 
Onto the grandchild gift card exchange! 
Kate, Ava, and Ella got to pass out the gift cards! 

Ella got a Michael's gift card and Ian got an Amazon gift card! 
Third Generation
Second Generation
First Generation

We had a GREAT weekend celebrating with Family! 

Thanks for sticking through all the pictures! HA 

Hope you have a great week! Happy Monday! 

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