Fantasy in Lights!

Oh Thursday, I am so glad to see you!! :) 
Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC week! 

I thought I would share our day/night at The Wild Animal Safari and Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA! 

We started last Saturday off at the Wild Animal Safari! We went with Ben and Julie Tanner and their sweet kiddos! The Ben's work together ;)

Bus full of crazies! 
A Monkey! 
Black Bear!
Another monkey! 
A Wolf
A Hyena 
This was a miniature horse! It was so odd looking, he was kinda of cute! 
After the walk through was time for the real fun to begin! 
We all piled into this beauty! 
The Ben's! 
The longhorns met us at the gate!
Well hello Mr. Buffalo! 
We saw some of Santa's reindeer! 
I see you..;)

Right after Ben fed this Giraffe, it sneezed ALL OVER HIM! It was so FUNNY! 
like seriously....what are the odds that a giraffe is going to sneeze on you! HA  
The kids took turns feeding the giraffe
More piggies! 
The kids were amazed that the animals would just come up to the window! 
These deer decided to "fight" it out....
It was crazy!
What day is it?!?!?!?
Sorry...I couldn't help myself! 
Ella Marie! 
How comical is this van?!?!?!

After our wild time at The Wild Animal Safari....We headed into Callaway Gardens! 

First stop....
The Butterfly House

After the Butterfly house and a few more stops....We headed to our house, ate dinner, and headed to hop on the Jolly Trolley! 

But first The Christmas Village! 
The kids were AMAZED at this Owl! 

We got on the Jolly Trolley with our hot chocolate and enjoyed The Fantasy in Lights! 
Sorry for the blurry pictures, but hopefully you get the idea of how beautiful they were! :) 
Us in front of the Naivety Scene

Ella GOT a HUGE homemade donut! 
Our 2016 Ornament! 
Sunday morning we had breakfast at the Lodge
Ben proposed to me 14 years ago at Callaway Gardens right before we got on the Jolly Trolley to see The Fantasy in Lights! 
So it was pretty AWESOME to bring our kids back to enjoy the same Jolly Trolley ride and the amazing lights!! 

Hope you guys have a GREAT day!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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