Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I hope you guys have had a great week. We survived Hurrican Irma. She was one bad lady. We had winds up to 45 mph and the rain...oh my goodness. Luckily, we did not lose power. 

As most Fridays, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week. 

Monday we were out of school with the anticipation of Hurricane Irma. It rained all day and then late in the afternoon is when the wind and rain got REALLY bad. So that morning, I spent baking and cooking just in case we lost power. The power flickered a few times but never went out. #thankyoulord #iloveelectricity 

I made our FAVORITE pumpkin spice bread. 

I stayed up late Monday night watching the weather and waiting for the winds to die down.  I relaxed a little when Duke relaxed. He was nervous nelly the WHOLE day. 

The worse of the storm was over and he PASSED OUT! 

I picked up this dog bed for the pups last week from TJ MAXX and it is their FAVORITE! I need to pick up another one ASAP! 

Tuesday morning, I woke up to this picture from my neighbor.  

I have a few calls into gutter repair companies for quotes. 

Tuesday we were out of school again. I worked in the craft room on Etsy orders and looked down and saw Duke like this...

He was so exhausted because he had worked himself into a frenzy on Monday.  

Conyer and Addison stayed with us on Tuesday and my living room looked like Irma had been right through it. 😉

Arts and Crafts are their FAVORITE! 

Wednesday the kids went back to school and I finished up lots of orders. 

These stainless steel wine tumblers are AWESOME. I only have 3 left in stock. 2 Navy and 1 White. 

These Hocus Pocus Travel Mugs have been a customer FAVORITE for sure! 

I love how this customer wanted a green witches hat. 

Thanks to my sweet blogger/maker friend, Amanda, from That Inspired Chick. I just had to have the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Machine that she RAVED about on this post. 

Well, Amanda...I love this darn machine so far. 

An afternoon cappuccino "pick me" up! 

So I know that I have mentioned on this little ole blog of mine that I am the PTO president at Ella's school. Well, we have our Harvest Hoedown next Friday night. We were not going to have vendors at this event but when this lady contacted me....I just couldn't say NO! 

How AMAZING is this??? LuLaRoe leggings are my FAVORITE!! and she has a freaking truck y'all! I will be BROKE for sure after this event! HA 

I hope y'all have a great weekend. Both kids have friends coming home from school with this today. I am going to make them Lindsay's Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Before I go....I want to wish one special PUG a Happy 1st Birthday!! 

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Trixie girl!! 

I just know that she was born to be a part of our family. 

Cheers to the weekend friends, 

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