Hello Monday {Rae Dunn Edition}

Hello Monday and Hello Friends! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. We had another great one...

I hope you will join Johannah and myself. Remember anything goes, but like most Monday's, I am going to recap our weekend. 

Friday was Trixie's FIRST birthday. She had NO clue but we sure did have fun celebrating. 

She rode with me to take Ella to school. 

Then I came home and baked the kids Lindsay's chocolate chip cookies for an after-school snack and oh my glitter they were heavenly! 

Then I pulled out all my fall decorations from the shed. 

At 10:45, I took Trixie to recess with Ella's class because duh it was her birthday! 😂😂

Clearly, noone liked her....

After recess, I took her to PetSmart to get treats for her birthday party...

After PetSmart, I took Trixie home, ate a quick lunch, and ran a few errands before it was time to pick up the kiddos plus friends. 

I ran into TJ Maxx and I know y'all understand my excitement when I found these....

I can't even believe I found these 2 pieces. I was so EXCITED! 

Saturday morning, my guys headed to the golf course and Ella and I took my sweet grandparent's lunch at the nursing home. My PawPaw had a rough few days prior to our visit so he pretty much slept the entire time we were there but we got to spend some great quality time with my MawMaw. It did my heart so good. 

Later Saturday, we ran a few more errands including grocery shopping for the week. 

Then we raced home to host Trixie's birthday party. One of Ella's friends, Brooklyn, has a Chug (Chihuahua and Pug) so they came over to wish our Trixie girl a Happy 1st Birthday! 

It's a Puppy Party...

Frosty paws for every "paw" 

The birthday girl in her birthday dress...

Pugsley the Chug! 

She knew Grammy had treats. 

Brooklyn brought Trixie a present and Duke was happy to help open it...

Pugsley loved her Frosty Paw! 

Then onto games...


Ella and Brooklyn with their Pugs!! 

Happy Birthday to our Trixie Girl!! We love you so much! 

The rest of Saturday evening consisted of eating Mexican and cheering on our DAWGS! 

oh and WINE! 

Sunday morning, we went to church and lunch. 

Then I came home to tackle my to-do list!! It was long! 

I finished putting out my fall decorations. I plan to share them next week. I was going to do it this week but I need a few more items to complete the outside! 

I was fading fast so I made a pumpkin spice cappuccino 

I meal prepped like a MAD WOMAN for this week! 

Around 7:45,  I finally made it to my craft room to work on Etsy orders and emails. 

Does anyone else email their husband dates that he needs to add to his calendar? 
No, just me...that's ok! HA 

I finally crawled into bed around 10:00! 

It's going to be a CRAZY week. We have something every night this week! 

Happy Monday, Friends! 

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