Lake Life and Lovin' it

Happy Tuesday Friends!! I hope your week is off to a great start! We spent the weekend at the lake with some of our FAVORITE people and I am going to share that with y'all today!

Thursday, We took Ben's team out for a lake gathering! One of his co-workers lives on Lake Lanier and she was generous enough to let us use her house and dock for the day! We enjoyed BBQ from Moonie's! Y'all it was delicious! We had the best time.   Ben's dad took Ian to play golf and Grammy came to hang out with Ella for the day!

I ordered a few new hats and love them! 

We got home right at 6:00, packed up the car and headed to Lake Sinclair to meet The Boswell's for the weekend. But not before we stopped by Striplings for bacon cheddar burgers, sausage, and steaks! 
Trixie came to the lake with us and Duke stayed with Grammy and Granddaddy! But have no fear..he throughly enjoyed being an only kid for the weekend. 

Ben and Brett are always happy to see each other! Ben is just a big kid at heart! 

Friday morning, Rob took Brett and Ian fishing so Ben and I took Trixie on her first boat ride while the girls were still sleeping! 

When we got back to the dock we found LuLu in the water. 

Trixie just walked the seawall following her in the water... It's like she was thinking what are you doing in the water. I think at one point she even barked at her. 

Right after we got back from our boat ride the boys returned from fishing! Brett loves Trixie! 

The boys played Nintendo while everyone else was waking up, eating breakfast, and getting ready to go out on the boat. 

By 10:30 that morning, we were back out on the water. 

The boys tubed...

The girls finally joined them. 

LuLu even joined us for a boat ride!

LuLu loves the water. She is the best dog ever. She is so sweet and gentle. 

We went back to the house for lunch and then to hang out on the dock. 

Friday evening, we grilled steaks for dinner along with baked potatoes and salad! 

Rob decided to feed Trixie the "fatty" part of the steak. It was so GROSS. I was gagging. Trixie, on the other hand, LOVED it. 

Sunsets are truly amazing but over the lake, they are just spectacular. Photo credits to Ella :) 

Saturday morning, started with more Nintendo for these two goofballs. 

These two crack me up. They really are like two peas in a pod. 

Slowly, everyone else started to wake up and I found my three babies like this...

Saturday afternoon, we found a cove to hang out in and swim. 

Two beautiful girls 

We were just a floatin' 

Saturday evening, we had a low country boil for dinner but not before a friendly game of cornhole. 

Another new hat. 

Trixie and I were the cornhole cheerleaders. 

While Ella hung out in her ENO. (similar)


Later that evening, we went for a boat ride. Rob and his new best friend, Trixie. I swear she made the Grinch's heart grow two sizes this trip. 😉 

I loved how her ears "blew" in the wind. 

Sunday, we were out on the water around 10:30/11:00 again. But this time the mamas TUBED! WHAT??? and look...NO HANDS! 

We even made sure to run into The Smith's while we were on the water. 

We went to another cove to swim for a bit then we headed home for lunch but this time Rob tubed back. 

After lunch, everyone pretty much looked like this...

Sunday evening, we grilled burgers for dinner. While the dads were grilling, the siblings were playing cornhole. 

After dinner, Bailey had a great idea for us to find another cove to swim and play while we watch the sunset. 

So off we went...

AWE..Rob and LeighAnne. 

Look I even paddle boarded. I was very impressed with myself. 

The sunset was BEAUTIFUL! 

My Boswell babies. I love these two like my own. 

I wanted a boy picture. You see how well that turned out. 😝

We got back to the lake house ride around 9:00pm. Then it was showers for everyone. We talked on the porch for a little while until a storm rolled in. We were all in bed around 11:00. 

Monday morning, we got up and started packing...BOO :( but not before Ben took the kids out on the boat one last time. 

We were all packed up and headed home by Noon. We love the lake and we love The Boswells' for always hosting us!! Until next time... 

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