Hello Monday | Adult ONLY lake trip

Hey Friends! I  hope y'all had a fantastic weekend! We sure did! Ben and I went on our annual ADULT ONLY lake trip.
Grab our graphic and join us! I'm recapping our weekend but anything goes...

Friday morning, Ben and I dropped the kids off at school, set up our movie screen for the PTO movie night then we headed to Lake Sinclair. We got to The Boswell's lake house right after lunch time. We unpacked, put the boat in the water, poured a drink, and found the nearest cove. LeighAnne rode down to the lake with us because Rob was working on a job site so met us at the lake that evening. 

We ended up hanging around the lake house the rest of the day and grilling steaks for dinner. They were delicious. 

Our master griller...

After dinner was cleaned up, we sat outside on the front porch just talking and relaxing. Then we moved our little party inside where I sat and watched Rob and LeighAnne's daughter on the Life360 app. Y'all I watched her for a good 30 minutes. I was obsessed with watching her little "dot" move. Do you use this app or a similar app with your teenagers?? What are your thoughts??  

After all that excitement😉,  I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. We finally crashed around 11PM. #partyanimals #not 

Saturday morning, Ben and I were up around 7:30 enjoying our coffee on the front porch. It was a little chilly and made us wish it was already FALL!! 

We headed back out on the boat around 10 AM. We packed a cooler, lunch, and our tunes. We settled into a cove for a few hours. We hung out, we laughed, we talked, we ate...We had the BEST time. 

We got back to the house right around 3PM and guess what... we took NAPS! It was AMAZING! #wereallyareold #imokwiththat

Around 6PM, we took a boat ride to dinner. We ate at a local bar and restaurant, Jackson's. 

Love my LELE! 

On the boat back to the house. We were STUFFED from dinner. 

the moon was beautiful on our way home. 

Sunday morning, we packed everything up and got home right around Noon. This was our 4th annual ADULT ONLY lake trip with The Boswell's. Do you have an annual trip with friends? If so, where do y'all go??

After we unpacked, took the boat back to storage, started laundry, and did a clean sweep of the house...
We headed to Athens for our annual trip to the bookstore for new GEORGIA gear for this coming up SATURDAY!!!! 

On the way home, we stopped at the Varsity for dinner. 

The rest of Sunday was spent doing more laundry, meal planning, lunch box packing, & to do list making!! 

How was your weekend?? 

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