Friday Favorites | Cancer Sucks Edition

Oh, Friday, How I am so happy to see you! This week has been spent just trying to play catch up from being gone last week along with just a normal week. I'm exhausted! HA #momlife

I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week. It's been cold and wet here this week so I have consumed more coffee than any one person should drink in a week! HA

I mentioned earlier that Ben and I were gone on a cruise last week with his work. Every year, he has the opportunity to earn President's Trip. He works so hard every day that he deserved that trip! We got home late Sunday evening and this is the banner that welcomed us home...

Our house and our kiddos are a FAVORITE for sure and we were so happy to see both. 

Ben gave Ella the nickname Stink when she was little. I'm not even sure how it came about but now we can her Stink, Stinky, Little Stink. I hope it doesn't give her a complex because she doesn't really stink. 😉

Monday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, 9,000 loads of laundry, and ALL THE GLITTER! I didn't put my shop on vacation mode while I was gone since it is so close to Christmas so I have had to work overtime to make sure orders are getting out on time. It was a busy but productive day. 

This cup has been a FAVORITE in the shop. It sold out but I was able to restock more. 

Tuesday was another busy but FANTASTIC day because my sweet mama completed her 35th radiation treatment and got to "ring the bell" ALL THE PRAISE HANDS. Thank you all so much for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers! 

My mama is one of my FAVORITE people in this world and I am so THANKFUL that she is on the road to recovery. 

Her precious doctor. He was so sweet and patient with her. 

The most precious nurses in the world. She referred to them as her angels. #queallthetears

We love our mama and Grandma Deb SO MUCH! #shedidit #cancersucks

Wednesday was another busy day of filling orders, packaging orders, laundry, and working basketball concessions at Ian's school. 

When we were gone on our cruise, I really missed my Cozy Corner. I was so happy to get back in my morning routine. I have shared with y'all how much I love decorating my bar cart for all the different occasions and holidays well this little table has been just as much fun to decorate for the different holidays 

Thursday was all the errands and more glittering. It was also weigh in day since getting home from our cruise. The results were not a FAVORITE but were expected. I gained 1.6 this week. I'm ok with it and I know how to get back on track. I have already changed my mindset to get in the mode! I got this. My plan is to lose that amount next week and maintain it through the rest of the month. Holidays are hard and I don't want to stress myself out about food and weight. I just want to enjoy this time with family and maintain my current weight loss. 

After weighing in, I ran into to TJ Maxx to look for one thing that I couldn't even find but found all of this Rae Dunn goodness. You all know Rae Dunn is my FAVORITE. 

I mean where was that passport holder last week when I needed it?? 

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year since my mom has been sick. I just love this Pour gravy boat. 

It has been 14 years since I hosted Thanksgiving. Any tips or tricks for me? I will have about 16 people at my house. 

Make sure to join us Monday for Hello Monday! 

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