Hello Monday | November 2018 Goals

Hello Monday! If you need me today you can find me on the beautiful island of St. Kitts. We sailed away late last night on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Sea ship. We will return Sunday evening. With that being said, this will be my only post for the week so I can spend all my time with my sweet hubby who worked so hard to earn us this trip!

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us for Hello Monday! 

We spent the weekend getting ready for our trip so today I am going to share November's goals. 


1. Maintain weight loss- With a cruise and Thanksgiving this month I will be happy if I maintain my current weight loss. and if I do happen to lose weight it will be an added bonus! 
2. Enjoy our cruise 
3. Start Christmas shopping
4. Work on the master to-do list. I have it all updated and in the back of my planner so I know what I hope to accomplish. 

1. Plan Ian's 14th Birthday 
2. Host Thanksgiving
3. Decorate for Christmas 
4. Work on Fall Bucket List

1. Christmas Tour
2. Share Family Pictures
3. Thankful Jar
4. Cookie Exchange

Oh My Glitter:
1. Hit 1,000 sales
2. Keep orders to a one week turn around
3. Announce a holiday cut off date
4. Start brainstorming for next year. 
5. Host a Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Sale

I'm looking forward to crossing off these goals! What do you hope to accomplish this month??

Let me share how I did in October...



✔1. Hit a weight loss goal- YES, I hit 15 pounds LOST
✔2. Reorganize my Master To-Do List- YES, I have it all reorganized and rewritten in my planner
✔3. Prepare for our Cruise in November- YES, we left yesterday
✔4. Get a Game Plan for the Holidays- YES, I am looking forward to the holidays
✔5. Make my Christmas Shopping List- YES, and I can't wait to start 


✔1. Enjoy our "staycation" over Fall Break- YES, it was so relaxing. 
✔2. Celebrate Ella's 11th Birthday- YES, we celebrated for a week 
✔3. Trick or Treat- Yes, the kids had a blast. 
✔4. Have Family Picture Taken- Yes, I can't wait to share later this month
✔5. Try a New Recipe- Yes, you can find it here. 


✔1. Fall Home Tour- Yes, you can see how we decorated for Fall here.
✔2. Fall Recipe- YES, you can find it here.  
✔3. Plan post for the remainder of the year- Yes, and I left a little wiggle room for changes. 
✔. What I'm Wearing post- Yes, and you can read it here. 
✘5. Figure out an easier way to reply to comments.- NO! I installed Disqus but it wouldn't upload all of my previous comments. If I respond from my email comment notification, they all say "no-reply" so I guess I just have to respond from my site. I will get better at that. 


✔1. Add new Christmas items to the shop-YES, and you can see them here. 
✔2. Finish updating last few listings- YES and I feel so much better
✔3. Plan social media content-YES, I use my monthly layout to plan each day. 
✔4. Hit 915 sales-YES, I hit 941 THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT. 
✔5. Host a sale- YES, I offered free shipping for a weekend. 

I'll see you guys back here NEXT MONDAY!! 

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