5 Tips to Host a Simple Couple's Shower.

Happy Wednesday Friends! How is your week going so far?? 

Last weekend, my sister hosted my niece and her fiance a couple shower. I helped her along with a few other family members pull off a pretty fun shower. It was simple and everyone was happy. 

Cheers to the Happy Couple. 

My sister and I have hosted quite a few parties together so I thought I would share 5 simple tips to follow when planning your own shindig.

1. Keep the decorations SIMPLE. Just add a little pop of color here and there. Don't over do it. The person or people you are throwing the party for should be the center of attention. Not the decorations! 

As you can see, we added a table cloth, a banner, a tub for cards, their initials, and a simple dessert. 

2. Use what you have.  (or ask your sister/friend that host a lot of parties and has invested in serving pieces 😉) You don't have to go out and buy everything new. Look around your house. You would probably be surprised with what you find. Get creative.
We used a 3 tiered stand for the cupcakes and cookies.
If you need height, use a basket or box that you have around the house, turn it upside down, and throw a cloth over it.

4. Make the centerpieces on the table really simple. If you are able make them short (or below eye level) or they will get moved. We simply place baby's breath in a clear jar and hot glued burlap and a ribbon around it. They were so simple but made a statement.

5. Don't Stress about the Food. I know, I know easier said than done. I have been known to stress over how much food to cook. But remember in general people tend to eat less at parties because we are too busy socializing. Which is the point of the party or get together.

For this couple shower, my sister served Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. See SIMPLE.

How easy and fun are the individual bags of chips in a medal bucket?

I mean how many times have you hosted a party and when ever left you had a TON of food leftover? Yeah, me too! That's why I have learned not to stress about it.

What are some of your best hosting tips? If you are a long time reader than you know that it's nothing new for us to have a back deck full of friends. One of the parties we love to throw the most is our annual Bulldawg Bash. 

Share your tips in the comments below!!

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