Friday Favorites | Summer Must Haves for Women

Happy Friday Friends! We are home from the lake and enjoyed the Kip Moore Concert last night! We are just having the BEST spring break and I plan to recap everything next week!

But for now let me share with you my FAVORITE essentials for the pool, lake, or beach!

When I head out for a day at the pool, beach, or lake, you will always find these 10 essentials in my beach bag. Well, after I have made sure the kids have everything they need to keep them safe, fed, entertained, and protected. 😉

I am on the hunt for a new beach bag for the family. I currently have a straw tote from Target and I do not want to use it again this year. It is starting to tear and it scratches up my leg when I walk. I know, I know...dramatic much?!?!? 
I use to have a canvas one from Pottery Barn that my mother in law purchased for me about 3 years ago, but I accidentally left it on the boat closed up for the winter and it mildewed. So if you have a beach bag that you LOVE please share. 

In said beach bag I love a small pouch to keep my sunscreen, chapstick, money, keys, & kindle. Basically all the little stuff that you don't want to fall to the bottom of your beach bag. 

I love this one because Vitamin Sea is my FAVORITE. 

But before I have even arrived at the pool, the lake, or the beach, I have applied this face sunscreen. I will get dark spots faster than you can say SUN. 

I love this stuff. It doesn't feel thick or greasy. It also doesn't break me out. 🙌.  I then apply my foundation for extra protection. 

I LOVE this swimsuit by Aqua Green that I picked up from Target last year. It helps hid all the extra loving that I'm working so hard to get rid of. 😜

You know mama needs a cute cover up to run to the grill at the pool or a restaurant at the lake or beach. I love the pom poms on this one. I picked it up last year from Amazon and can't wait to wear it again this year. 

Flip Flops are a MUST for any trip to the pool, lake, or beach and Yellow Box are my FAVORITE. I haven't met a pair of Yellow Box Flip Flops that I haven't loved. 

Once I get to my sunny destination, I need a hat to cover this face to help block the sun and prevent the awful sun spots. I love this American Flag hat and have already wore it twice to work out in this season. 

This is also another FAVORITE hat in FAVORITE swim suit from earlier in this post. 

My sunglasses are always with me! Ben teases me that I wear my sunglasses even when it's cloudy and I do because I have no pigmentation in my eyes (apparently it's all on my face ;)) This is my new pair for this season and I LOVE them. 

Now that everyone is covered in sunscreen, fed, and entertained (at least for a few minutes), this mama can set up her relaxation station with a great towel, a good book, and a cold beverage. 

I love a thick beach towel. We have several from Ben's work that they gave out as gifts a few years ago and I believe they are similar to these. 

I always have my kindle with me. It took me a while to convert to a e-reader but once I did I was grateful. I had books every where and now I just have them in one location. My quiet time reading I always read from an actual book. 

I just purchased the new WATER-Proof Kindle last week and it has been WONDERFUL at the lake this week. Reading is a FAVORITE of mine for sure! 

Of Course, my FAVORITE personalized wine tumbler goes everywhere with me. 
See it even goes to the golf course....

What are your FAVORITE essentials for the pool, lake, or beach? But just for YOU! 

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