Monthly Goals | August 2019

Hello August! New Month New Goals

July was crazy! I feel like we packed in so much and did nothing all at the same time. I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I wanted too from this list...

Obviously a ✔ means I completed the item and an ✘ means I didn't complete the item but I am adding a new key. IP means In Progress.



✘1. Squat 70lb KB 20 times to pass the test at the gym- I didn't make it to the gym nearly as much as I wanted too but I am back! 
✔2. Nashville trip with Ben- Yes and you can see it here! 
✔3. Complete 3-5 items off "Home Improvement" List- Yes and a few more! 
IP 4. Delete/Organize photos on phone- I have started this task and still working on it! 


✔1. Celebrate 4th of July. Yes! You can read all about our red, white, and blue festivities here. 
✔2. Visit my sister at the beach. Yes! You can see our short & sweet trip here.
✔3. Back to School shopping. Yes! Luckily they didn't need much. 
✔4. Clean out and organize the kids rooms. Yes! We actually moved Ian's room downstairs and had Ella's room painted. 
✔5. Work on Summer Bucket List. Yes! We didn't accomplish a lot but I plan on sharing next week. 

My Glittery Heart:

✘1. Clean up Pinterest Boards. Nope! I didn't even start. 
✔2. Plan content for August & September. Yes! I have lots of fun content planned. 
✔3. Take a Blog Break. Yes! It felt GREAT! 

Oh My Glitter:

✔1. Put Shop on Vacation Mode. Yes! and it helped me enjoy July. 
IP 2. Decide on 3 Festivals to attend this Fall. I have found 2 that works with our Fall schedule. 
IP 3. Make list of items to make for Festivals. I have a short list but I would like to add more. 

I completed 10 out of 15 with 3 being in progress!



1. Squat 70lb DB 20 times to pass the test at the gym.
2. Complete 5-8 things off the Home Improvement list. 
3. Continue working on deleting/organizing photos on my phone. 
4. Plan a 40th birthday party for a dear friend. 


1. Get back into a routine. 
2. Host the JGO.
3. Celebrate Grandma Deb's birthday.
4. Watch the DAWGS! 

My Glittery Heart:

1. Clean up Pinterest Boards.
2. Share my new Craft Room.
3. Plan content for the rest of the year. 
4. Pitch to 2-3 companies. 
5. Work on email list.

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Get business licenses. 
2. Commit to at least 2 Fall Festivals. 
3. Make a wood sign.
4. Make Fall/Winter straws/cupcake picks. 

5. Work on email list. 

Linking up with Lindsay 

Here is a little photo proof of July's successes...

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