Friday Favorites | Gift Guide for Teen Boys

 Happy Friday Friends! I hope your week was a great one! I have another gift guide for you today! But this one is all about TEEN Boys! 

I guess I could have called this Gift Guide for Golfers too. 😉 If you are a long time reader than you know that my guys play golf just about every Saturday morning and tomorrow morning is no exception. 

Ian either has all of these are they are on his wishlist! 

1. Airpod Pros- His Grammy just upgraded his airpods to the Pros and he loves this pair even more then the regulars ones. He uses them all the time but he especially loves to use them when he is warming up in the driving range. 

2. Airpod Pro Case- Of Course he needed a case to protect them. Plus it easily hangs on his golf bag. 

3. Bluetooth Beanie.- This would be super cool just in case he forgot his Airpods plus it would keep his ears warm because y'all know he plays golf year round. 

4. JBL Bluetooth Speaker- This speaker turns on every morning at 7am when he gets in the shower to get ready for school or the golf course. That's how I know he is up and going. 

5. Amazon Gift Card- I don't this this one needs any explanation. 

6. Adidas Slides- Ian loves these slides and wears them to and from the golf course because he knows he can't wear his grassy shoes in the cars. 

7. Titleist Shag Bag- ian has a similar one to this one to hold all of his golf balls that he hit in the backyard. 

8. Golf Organizer- He also has a similar golf bag organizer in his room that holds his and Ben's clubs. It is wooden that my mom gave him years ago but this one is newer and more modern. 

9. Hat Organizer- His hat collection is slowly growing and he needs a way to organizer them. I think this one will fit the bill. 

10. Golf Practice Hitting Net- He has a hitting mat but he needs a net to hit all those durn golf balls into so I will stop finding them all over the yard. 😛

So if you have a teen boy in your life, what is something they are LOVING right now or that is on their Christmas wish list?? 

xoxo, Heather 

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