President's Trip 2020 | Naples, FL

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I am sharing our time away with Ben's company for his President's Trip in beautiful Naples, FL. The owner of the company knew that a lot of people different feel comfortable with leaving the country right now but still wanted to reward the sales reps that made the trip with a trip. He always gave everyone the option to fly or drive. Ben and I chose to drive. 

Tuesday, November 3rd- 

Ben's mom got to our house Monday evening because she was staying with the kids while we were gone. So Tuesday morning, we left around 4:30 am to head to Tampa, FL. We decided to break up the trip on the way down. We arrived at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino right at noon. 3 other couples going on the trip stayed at the same hotel. 

When we arrived at the hotel we checked in, put our stuff in the room, and went to the pool bar for lunch. Soon after the other couples arrived and we spent the afternoon at the pool. 

Mask were required inside of the hotel but you were free to take them off outside. 

That evening, we all met for an AMAZING dinner. I had steak and lobster. 

The little brown bags were to place your mask in. 

Carly and Wendy. 

Such cool decor all over the hotel. 

Melissa and I 

You could remove your mask if you were actively eating, drinking, or smoking. 

We FT Stephanie to congratulate her and Jud for winning sheriff for another 4 years (No one was running against him) but we still had to say congrats 😉

Later that evening, we crashed after a long day! 

Wednesday, November 4th- 

We drove the rest of the way to Naples, FL. It was right at 2 hours. Once we got there, we checked into La Playa. Got checked into and headed to our room. Look at this view. 

After we got settled and unpacked, we went to grab drinks and lunch! 

Then we hung out at the pool with everyone. Again, mask were required inside but not outside. 

The whole gang was asked to meet at the lobby bar at 6 then we had dinner reservations at 7:15. 

Carly, Bryan (the owner), and myself. 

We hung out at the beach for a little while and then went up to our room. 

Thursday, November 5th- 

Ben and I are early riser so we were out exploring by 7! We grabbed a coffee and just walked around the resort. 

We sat down to enjoy the rest of our coffee and FT the kids before they left for school and we had breakfast! 

After breakfast, we got changed in our suits to go enjoy a cocktail on the beach. 

Living his best life on this fine Thursday morning. 

The rest of Thursday we hung out by the pool. That evening we went to Raco's Taco and Tequila bar. Look at this cool wall. 

After dinner, we went to Burn Cigar Bar. 

Friday, November 6th- 

Ben went to play golf and I headed to the spa. Then I went to the beach with others from the group. 

When Ben got back from golf, we had golf and then went to chill in our room. At 4:45, we headed to Bryan and Suzanne's house in Naples for a cocktail party. 

After Bryan and Suzanne's, some of us decided to go back to Burn. 

When we first got there, we couldn't find seats and a sweet server told us to sit in the VIP area. Then we saw a sign that said "Reserved for Ray Rodriguez" Thanks Ray for the seats because apparently he never showed up! 

Saturday, November 7th- 

Ben played golf again and I went walking on the beach with Martin and Wendy. Then we grabbed breakfast and headed to the our cabanas for the day. 

We watched the GA/FL.  The game was ugly and it rained on and off all day. #thankseta

After the game, we headed up to our room for the night and ordered room service. 

Sunday, November 8th- 

We were up early again and enjoyed coffee and breakfast. The weather was going to be yucky so we decided around 9:30 to get ready and head home. We got on the road around 10:30 and pulled in our driveway around 7:40. It was a long down but we were so happy to be HOME with the kids. 

Hope you enjoyed the recap! If you plan on visiting Naples, let me know if you have any questions!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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