Our Week a Wine Tasting and Ian getting his Parking Pass

 Happy Monday Friends. I hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend. We sure did. I am recapping our week so I hope you will link up below. 

Monday, January 18th- 

The kids were out of school for MLK Holiday. Ian drove himself to the golf course, Ella slept in, and I went to workout. When I got home, I worked in the craft room. 

That evening, it was dinner, making lunches, catching up on shows, and then crashing. It was just a regular day and I didn't even take a picture. 

Tuesday, January 19th- 

Dropped the kids off at school and then it was home to meet the guys to have my new kitchen sink installed. They got the old sink out and went to install the new sink and y'all it didn't FIT. It was to small. After trying to locate a bigger sink with no luck. They ended up installing the old sink but they did install the new faucet so that was a plus. To get a new sink,  I would either have to have one custom made or have the cabinets redone and I am not wanting to do that right now. 

After the whole sink mishap, I was able to get some work done in the craft room, put my kitchen back together, grocery shop, and do a clean sweep of the house. 

Then it was time to get the kids, finish my house chores, cook dinner, and go to bed to do it all over again the next day. and again no pictures. 

Wednesday, January 20th- 

Started the day with Coffee & Jesus, dropped the kids off at school, went to work out. Then it was home to work in the craft room, work on blog post, and do a monthly goal check. 

I also made dog food, emptied the dishwasher, did a load of laundry, got myself ready and went to go get the kids. 

After school, Ian went to the course. Ben got home and then we took Ella and her friend, Gracie, to Youth group at church then we headed to a wine tasting. 

Thursday, January 21st- 

Started the same with Coffee & Jesus, took the kids to school, cleaned out the craft room closet, worked around the house, you know all that fun stuff. 

Then it was time to go get the kids, cook dinner, clean up, and hit the hay! 

Friday, January 22nd- 

Coffee & Jesus but instead of taking the kids to school look who drove himself to school...

Ella's friends sister came to pick her up and took them to Dunkin Donuts so I had some extra time before I went to work out. Considering my to-do list was a mile long so I appreciated those extra minutes. 

After I finished my workout, I ran to Target and then home to tackle that long to do list. 

I went to pick up Ella and her friend from school and Ian drove himself home. 😭That was so weird y'all. 
That evening, Ben and I dropped Ella and her friend off at church for yoga. Then we went to dinner at The Bistro. 

We picked the girls from yoga at 8:00. They had the best time. 

Saturday, January 23rd- 

We found out that my brother in law has a brain tumor. Y'all if you could keep him in your prayers we would greatly appreciate it. 

Saturday went by in a blur of emotions.

Sunday, January 24th- 

My boys went to the golf course, Ella was at Addison's, and I watched church online. 

Then I did all the things.... laundry, blog post, made Ella's lunches for the week, printed orders that came in over the weekend, watched a movie, cooked dinner, and crashed into bed. 

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