Prime Purchases | December 2020

Happy Tuesday Friends! I am joining Tanya and sharing what I have been Priming lately! 

I ordered these watchbands after seeing Lindsay share them and I have to say that I love them.

Ian wanted this garment rack for his room since technically his room is a "bonus room" (He doesn't have a closet in his room, just a small coat closet in the hall ; his room use to be my craft room until the kids needed their own bathrooms) It works GREAT! 

Ella used some of her birthday money to buy herself this phone case. 

I wanted to "up" my packaging for Oh My Glitter again so I purchased these sour patch kids to include in my packages because the sugar reminds me of "glitter" 

I got my mom this Cookbook for Christmas.

Along with this cookbook stand. 

If you have JUST a thought of starting a side hobby or business, you NEED this BOOK! 

Ian has ordered all the sunflower seeds 

and all the gum.

Ian also got a Georgia Hitch cover because he NOW has a truck. Y'all I can't handle that my baby will be driving ALL BY HIMSELF this MONTH! 😩😩😩😩😩😩 Ian got Ben's truck and Ben got a newer F150. 

I am LOVING this book so far. This book goes hand and hand with my number one 2021 GOAL

Ella and I ordered a set of these highlighters for our bibles and y'all...YOU NEED THEM. They are AMAZING! I have already mentioned that I purchased these PENS and love them too! 

I am slowly converting to cast iron for all of my cooking and I recently added this grill pan to my collection. 

I also added this mini sauce pan. It's so freaking CUTE! 

So let me know what you PRIMED last month?? Anything that I Ordered?? What do I need to Order this Month?? 


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