Our Week with Going Back to School and My Birthday

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? We had a date night so it was a good weekend. I will recap last week later this week since I am STILL catching up on all the RECAPS! HA 

Monday, January 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, and all the things to get ready for a new week. Meal Plan, Laundry, Clean House, Blog post, Go through email, etc. 

I made Taco Soup for dinner and we called it a day. 

Tuesday, January 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Publix, Meal Prep, Blog Post, Lunches, Etc. Dinner, Shower and BED! 

Wednesday, January 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Ride on the Peloton, and just CHILLED. I did manage to clean out the fridge and cut up fruits and veggies. But that was about it. 

Thursday, January 6th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Kids to School. It rained all day and that was a reflection of my mood. I did clean up my desk area. 

I saw this meme and it is SO TRUE! 

So is this one! 

Friday, January 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Publix, and then home to do all the things. I did manage to put together a flower arrangement. 

I am trying really hard to exchange unhealthy products to healthy products and I love following Just Ingredients. 

Later that evening, we bought the new Ghostbusters After Life Movie, ordered pizza, enjoyed wine and a fire. It was a great kickoff to my birthday weekend. 

Saturday, January 8th- 

My guys headed to the golf course. While, I enjoyed my quiet time and looked who joined me...

Sweet Trixie. 

Ella went to hang out with Kathryn while I worked on some blog post and laundry. Look who came to visit...Bella. 

Saturday evening, We went to Ninja for Mine and Colleen's Birthdays. 

Sunday, January 9th- My 42nd Birthday. 

Coffee, Jesus, We went to church and then Brunch at Legends. Then we came home to do a few things and then just CHILL. 

Y'all I saw this and I don't care your take on anything going on in the world. You know you have all seen this happen. HA 

This was how I spent my birthday afternoon. I LOVED it. 

I was in bed my 8 and asleep shortly after. 

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