Things I am Loving....Earrings, Stanley Tumbler, Emily in Paris, and a Couple More...

Happy Wednesday Y'all! How is your week going? I hope it was a great one. Today, I am sharing a few random things that I have been LOVING...

O N E: Earring. I am loving my new earrings from my friend, Jennier over at Made to Shine

: You have probably seen this tumber all over IG. When I ordered it a few months ago, I had no idea it was going to be so popular but I get it. It's a GREAT tumbler. 

T H R E E: Emily in Paris. Anyone else loving this series on Netflix? I think I have watched both seasons now twice. It's quickly became a FAVORITE! 

F O U R & F I V E: Leopard Boots and A Rug 

This rug is perfect for Valentine's and just true for our house. I am a hugger. Now, let's look at these booties. They are TOMS and very comfortable. 

So tell me something that you are LOVING right now! 

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