Our Week with a National Championship, Duke's 9th Birthday, and Ron White

 Hello Wednesday! How is your week going so far? I am backing it up to recap the week of January 10th - 16th! 

Monday, January 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then a grocery run to Publix. Home to put everything up and meal prep. I cleaned house, Rode the Peloton, picked up Ella, and then home to start getting ready for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. 


We crashed into bed shortly after the game finished. 

Tuesday, January 11th- 

We were all on the struggle bus with so little sleep. I came home to pick up, get myself ready, finish a wine glass, and take a nap. I was trying to nap when my watch notified me of "motion at our door" Do you see the cat. It's the neighbors. She loves to come and visit. 

It was Duke's 9th Birthday so we celebrated with Arby's. 

Ian went to hang out with Kathyrn after school, while the rest of us were exhausted and just chilled. We didn't even eat dinner. I worked on several blog post. 

Sweet Daisy came to hangout with me while Ella cleaned her cage. Don't worry about her nails, they got trimmed yesterday. 

Wednesday, January 12th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to school. Then I had a hair appointment. Home for lunch and to work. 

Trixie was still struggling. 

As I was waiting on Ian and Ella to get home, I was scrolling social media and look who is joining Annie F. Downs on TOUR! Remember that ticket I bought and I am going by myself! Y'all I am so excited. 

Thursday, January 13th- 

It was Grammy's Birthday! But much like every other day....Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I went to visit my grandmother, have lunch with a friend, picked up Ella, did a few things around the house, and called it a day! 

Friday, January 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and Publix to get ready for the snow. I got myself ready and met Talia for lunch and a little shopping before DATE NIGHT with Ben. We went to dinner at NY Prime and to the Fox to see Ron White. 

Espresso Martinis are a new FAVORITE of ours. 

RON WHITE was AMAZING! We laughed so HARD! 

We got home right around 11 and CRASHED! 

Saturday, January 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and my crazy boys went to play golf. I got a ride on the Peloton. It felt GREAT! 

I saw this meme and busted out laughing. I am definitely the right side. 🤣🤣🤣

Grammy cooked us dinner and it was amazing. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing this...

Sunday, January 16th- 

We woke up ready for a snowstorm. Coffee, Jesus, breakfast, and then just wait...

I lost my dining room table to these two. They set up TVs and their Playstations. Snow days really look different now. 😂😂 

By 11am, the snow was really coming down.

We spent the day just relaxing, watching movies, and eating vegetable soup. We didn't even go out in the snow except to make the dogs go potty. HA 

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