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Hey Y'all! Tomorrow is National Bourbon Day (June 14th) and if y'all know my husband then y'all know he is a huge bourbon lover. 

So I thought I would share a few of his favorite bourbon items and then a few of his favorite brands in case you have a bourbon drinker to buy for this Father's Day. 

Ben has really been interested in the smokin' bourbon drinks and this kit looks so cool with good reviews. 

Ben has a similar glass to this one and loves it. 

Ben and I watched the Netflix movie NEAT and it was great about bourbon. I beat this book would be AMAZING! 

Ben is NOT a graphic tee guy but if he was I would TOTALLY order him this t-shirt.  This is my husband to a tee. HA HA 

For Christmas Ben's sales team gave him a similar barrel and y'all he LOVES it. His rule is that if you drink from it you have to add a SINGLE barrel bourbon. He started it with 6 different single barrel bourbons. 

Let me know what you are getting your husband or dad for Father's Day! 

Ben's 5 FAVORITE brands of bourbon are...

Maker's 46
Jefferson's Ocean 

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