Our Week with 8th Grade Graduation, Last Day of School, and another Braves Game

 WOW! Happy Friday Y'all. It was a week and I have a doozy of a recap so let me just get to it...

Ok y'all let's recap May 23rd- 29th. 

Monday 23rd- 

Coffee and Jesus, Got myself ready, Kids to school, and all the errands. I ate lunch, picked up Ella, got her ready and then added balloons to decorate for her 8th grade celebration. 

We love our Ella! 

Tuesday, May 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Kids to School, Breakfast, and get ready... I had a meeting at church and then it was time to pick up Ella. 

Then it was all the things and no pictures. 

Wednesday, May 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Get ready, and kids to school for their half LAST DAY of the year. 

I did serve at church and then headed to get Ella. 

But look at Trixie....

Grabbed Ella and by the end of the day this is what my dining room looked like for a Murder Mystery Dinner. 

Then it was straight to Wiffle Ball. 

and of course I looked for Ben at the Braves game on National Wine Day. 

Thursday, May 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Weight in at WW. I was UP 2.8 pounds. I was NOT surprised. I did enjoy a few treats but it was also "that time" 😆

But look at this lineup for CMA FEST at Ole Red...

By the end of the day I CRASHED. 

Friday, May 27th

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, and then met Talia at the pool. 

Then this was the afternoon. 

Ben brought home Zaxby's and then we went to the 9pm showing of TOP GUN Maverick. It was SO GOOD! We got home a little before midnight and we fellin 

Saturday, May 28th- 

Good Lord, I wish I could sleep like this... 

Around lunch time we headed down to The Battery before the Braves Game. 

Ella and I made it on the big screen at the restaurant. 

Street performers. 

Ian was at the game with Kathryn and her sisters. 

We got home around 8:30, showered, and got cozy. 

Sunday, May 29th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then we headed to Legend's for lunch and to watch Ben and Ian "battle" it out on the course. They play Match Plays at the course and they finally had to play each other. 

The cheering squad. 

Ian beat his old man. 😉

We got home, I made quesadillas for dinner and we just chilled the rest of the day. It was so nice to not have to get ready for the school week!! 

Cheers to the weekend friends!! 

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