Monthly Goals | June 2022

Happy Wednesday Y'all! Happy JUNE 1st- Like what the heck...It's JUNE 1st! 

So with that being said...Y'all know it's Monthly Goal Time...

Let's start with J U N E...


1. Email. Keep email clean up and organized. Going into to Ian's Senior year, I have already received so many emails for pictures, etc. so I really need to stay on top of the email situation. 

2. T-Shirts. Keep cutting t-shirts for the Sewing to Serve at church. The t-shirts can be made into jump robes.So fun! 

3. Finish CMA Fest Gifts. I have several things to finish for mine and Leigh Anne's trip to CMA FEST! We love giving girls gifts. 

4. CMA FEST. Finally after 3 years of planning, we finally get to attend CMA FEST! 

5. Organize Planner Stickers. Y'all know how much I love my Erin Condren Planners but y'all I need to organize ALL THE STICKERS. I can't find anything. 

6. Work on and Update the Home Improvement List. I haven't looked at this list in awhile and I really need to. 

7. Work on and Update the Clean Out and Organize List. This is very similar to the home improvement list but things I need to do more often. 

8. Clean out the Storage Shed. Y'all I Can't with the Storage Shed. It's BAD. I can't find anything it in it. I'm excited to clean it out and organize it so I know what I have for parties and holidays. 

9. Continue Deleting Pictures on Phone. Y'all will this task ever be finished??? 


1. Blue Ridge. The Boys are playing in a golf tournament in Blue Ridge so we are making a weekend out of it and we are so excited. 

2. Ella- Youth Camp. She is so excited to attend camp this year and I can't wait to hear about it. 

3. Ian- Beach with Kathryn- Y'all I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. for my sweet baby to be going on vacation with his girlfriend. Yes, I know it was going to happen but nothing prepares a mama's heart for this. Sorry Moms. 

4. Ben- Men's Club Championship- It's a big deal at our club to play in the Men's Club Championship and I am excited to ride along with my favorite guy. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Weekly Emails. I am working hard on weekly emails and deals. 

2. Start Specials. I want to start $5 off Friday and Markdown Mondays. 

3. Order Coasters. I need to reorder coasters because they are great marketing tools. 

4. Think About/Plan Christmas in July. I have several Christmas designs already made and I am looking forward to a sale. 

5. Post Everyday. My goal is to post a picture everyday in June for OMG. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Post Everyday. My goal is to post a picture everyday in June for MGH. 

2. Post Recaps. Y'all know how much I love using this space as a digital scrapbook and we have a lot going on in June so the recaps should be awesome. 

3. Share 3 NATIONAL DAYS. Y'all know I love the National Calendar and I want to share.  

So now lets see how I did in M A Y....


✔. Continue working on my "To Clean Out and Organize" List. My goal is to have everything cleaned out and organized before summer break since myself and 2 kids will be here all day every day 😉

. Continue Deleting Pictures on Phone. Y'all I have over 8,000 pictures on my phone. WHAT?? I hope to delete 500 this month. 

. Continue Tracking on WW.  I rejoined Weight Watchers and I am so excited to start crushing my goals. 


1 Host the Battle of Barrow. Our golf team put together and hosting the Inaugural Battle of Barrow for GOLF. The Battle of Barrow is huge in football and we hope to make it a big deal in the golf world. 

. Attend A Braves Game. We love the atmosphere at Trusit park and hope to attend another game this month. 

. Attend A Wine Tasting. Wine tastings are back at our local liquor store and we are so EXCITED.

. Ian and Kathryn attend Prom. I can't even with this one. How is he old enough to attend Prom? 

. Ian attend State Tournament. Ben and Ian are headed to South Georgia for his State Tournament middle of the month. Ella and I are staying home because she has finals. 

. Golf Banquet.  This will be Ian's first official golf banquet and of course his mama planned the whole thing. 9th grade got cut short because of the 'Rona, 10th grade- the coaches just hosted a cookout for players only because we were just starting to open everything back up, and now his 11th grade year- his mama took over 😉😉

Oh My Glitter: 

. Work on Email List. I really want to start an email list and send weekly emails. 

. Attend Vendor Event. I am planning on attending another vendor event this week and I hope it is very successful. 

✘. Social Media. Be more active on Social Media. 

My Glittery Heart: 

. Share my Morning Routine. I love my coffee and Jesus time and I am excited to share an updated routine with y'all. 

. Share Kitchen Favorites. I have a few new kitchen essentials that I am currently love and want to share with y'all. 

. Share a Mimosa Bar. May 16th is National Mimosa Day and I am planning to have all the mimosas for blog purposes 😉😉😉😉

. Share A Day in the Life. I love these post and I love to share them. 

I think I did pretty awesome. I didn't mark off 3 items so I call that a win. Here are a few pictures...

It was a great month and June will be just as amazing. 


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