Our Week with Galentine's, Winterfest, and the Super Bowl

 Hey Y'all! Happy Monday Y'all! How was your weekend?? I am recapping last week and this weekend! 

Monday, February 6th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School. and Ben left for California. I read for most of the morning. I had no motivation. I did run to Wal-Mart, and started my CMA fest gifts. I sent this to LA for a sneak peak 😉

The kids had golf practice and I met them at the course to hand out uniforms to other players! Then I came home, cooked dinner, ate dinner, Ella went to Young Life, and then we all crashed! 

Tuesday, February 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, I took Ella to school because Ian wasn't feeling great so he stayed home. I cleaned house, did laundry, then went to pick up Ella. Her and I had dinner at Barberito's, then went to Conyer's basketball game for Senior night. 

Wednesday, February 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Kids to School. I had a hair appointment at 9:45. On my way home, I went to Publix and Michaels.  Ran Ella to golf practice and Ian came to practice from Legends. I came home to grill chicken for dinner, Ian dropped Ella off at Dunkin Donuts for a study session with a friend. Once she was finished, I picked her up and we came home to wait for Ben to get home from California! We missed him 
so much! 

Wednesday morning this is how we were all feeling....I don't sleep well when Ben is gone. 

Thursday, February 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then I went to volunteer at The Oasis (our church outreach program). I came home worked on my to-do list, picked up Ella, I dropped Ella off at Addison's and Ian went to dinner with Kathryn's family. Ben and I chilled at home. 

Friday, February 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and the Kids were out of school. I enjoyed a slow morning, got my planner set up for the week, Watched Your Place or Mine. So Cute. Ella and I went to lunch and then she had a hair appointment at 12:45. Afterwards, she and I ran to Ulta, Target, and Publix. I cooked a frozen pizza for me and my guys while Ella went to dinner with The Smith's. I waited for her to get home and then we crashed. 

Saturday, February 11th- 

My guys went to play golf, Ella slept in, and I cleaned my craft room, did a clean sweep of the house, took a nap, then Ben and I headed to Frankie's for drinks with his team, and then to Winterfest. I didn't take one picture but Carly did take this one of her and I. 

Sunday, February 12th- 

It was a slow morning since we had such a late night. Ella and I finished setting up for her Galentine's. The boys went to PGA Superstore and to Top Golf since it was rainy and cold. I got ready ran to Publix for a few last minute items. Then at 2:00 the Galentine's started. 

She did everything by herself except the balloon garland that you will see below! 

Grammy brought cookies and cupcakes from The Cupcake People. Ella made the chocolate covered strawberries. 

After the Galentine's,  we quickly switched gears to our Super Bowl party. The Boswell’s came over! We had a great time watching the game they left after halftime  I cleaned up the kitchen, and then we all called it a night! 

XOXO, Heather 

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