Our Week with Valentine's, Getting Back on the Peloton, College Commitment, and a Gala

 Hey Hey Y'all! Happy Monday and Happy New Week! I am recapping last week and this past weekend! 

Monday, February 13th- 

It was a digital day for my kids. It was coffee and Jesus for me to start the day. Ella had 2 friends spent the night on Sunday so they slept in. Ian enjoyed a slow morning before hanging out with Kathryn. 

By 10:45, I was on the Peloton for the first time in a while. Then I got ready to head to lunch with Ben and then to the mall to look for a dress for the gala. The girls did get up and work on school work. Ian already had his completed. 

This is the dress I got for the gala. But funny story, I had to order it, they shipped it to me, it arrived and the zipper was messed up! UGH

After the mall, I went to wash my car and Target! 

I came home to this in the fridge from Ian and Kathryn. So precious and so good! 

The rest of Monday was busy. Dinner, Ella to Young Life, and Trixie ready for bed! HA 

I saw this and just had to laugh. 

Tuesday, February 14th- Happy Valentine's Day. 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, a slow morning, a ride on the Peloton, Lunch with Leigh Anne, Striplings, and Publix to get stuff for Valentine's Dinner. 

Ian's Valentine's for Kathryn. 

We grilled steaks, lobster, and shrimp for dinner. Then this HAPPENED! Ian committed to LaGrange college to further his college and golf career. So proud of him. 

We ended Tuesday night with happy hearts! 

Wednesday, February 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and I felt like crap. My allergies have started early this year. 😢 I was able to do a clean sweep of the house, several loads of laundry, a design for an order, and a couple of blog post. 
I picked Ella up from school, took her to golf practice, and came home to chill. Ella and Ben went to Conyer's basketball game, Ian picked us up dinner on his way home from practice, I took a Benadryl and CRASHED! Ella and Ben went to El Real for dinner! 

Thursday, February 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I started a pot of vegetable soup for a luncheon at The Oasis. I came home did a few things, Ian went to Legends since his college class was canceled. Ella rode with one of the golfers to the course for practice where Ben met her. I met Leigh Anne for dinner at Longhorns before we went to see Magic Mike One Last Dance. I was not impressed. They needed to just stop with the first one. 

Friday, February 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. Then I got ready and head back to the mall of Georgia to return the black dress and find another dress. UGH! 

I ended up with this dress and loved it. 

I met Abby for lunch to discuss the upcoming golf tournament for Young Life. I checked out Ella, she packed, we headed to the nail salon, and then home to go to dinner and then Conyer's basketball. They WON! 

We got home late and CRASHED! Ella went to the lake with Addison. They got there around 1:30 AM! Yikes. 

Saturday, February 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course, and then looked what I did. Laid in bed and READ! I did do 2 loads of laundry! 


Doing the same thing at 10:37...

I did get up around 1 to do a few house chores and then at 1:45, I started getting ready. 

Sweet Bella is staying with us for a few weeks due to some house repairs going on at her house. 

Boys got home, Ben got ready, and we headed to Atlanta for the evening. We got to our hotel around 4:30, checked in, unpacked, got dressed, and headed to the Gala right at 6! 

Tammy Townsend was the MC! Do y'all know who she is? 

After the Gala, we went to the Red Phone Booth in Atlanta. 

Such a FUN night! We stayed out until 1:15AM. WAY PAST MY BED TIME! HA 

Sunday, February 19th- 

Ben and I were up and getting ready around 8ish. We went to breakfast at West Egg and got home around 11. 

Breakfast was so GOOD! 

The rest of Sunday- Ben met Ian at Legends, I cleaned, ran to Publix, laundry, blog post, set up my planner for the week. Ella got home around 4. Guys got home. We made panini's for dinner and called it an early night! 

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