Our Week with Our First Golf Match of the Season, The Chilly Dogg, and First Birthday Cups

Hey Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I am recapping last week and this past weekend! 

Monday, February 20th- President's Day but my kids had school. 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I rode the Peloton, started laundry, worked in the craft room, and got the kids off to practice. I grilled burgers for dinner because the weather was AMAZING!! 

I did make one of 50 of these sweet birthday boy cups for a sample to send to his mom. 

We all got home and crashed. 

Tuesday, February 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I did a 10 minute arm and shoulder workout with the Peloton Guide and a 20 minute ride on the Peloton. Got ready, had lunch with Ian and Kathryn. I finished my 6th book so far this month, did a little work in the craft room, ran a few errands. Picked up Ella, started an early dinner. Took Ella to a baseball game, ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen, watched more Outer Banks, and started a few blog posts. 

The kids got home and we all crashed. 

Wednesday, February 22nd- 

It was coffee and Jesus. Kids to School. Then I got busy for the day. I cooked a meal for a local Foster Family that our Church helps feed each month. Made Angel food cake, Made Dog food, and finished Outer Banks season 2! Went to get gas, have 2 nails repaired, and the car wash. Got home did more laundry, packed my car with all the golf stuff, picked up Ella, and headed to the kids golf match. Their matches are 9 holes. Ian shot a 37 and Ella shot a 48! So proud of them. 

We went to get dinner at Friends, got home, did a few more chores, and crashed. 

Thursday, February 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Ride on the Peloton. Then I headed to The Oasis for a class. After that I met my mom, sister, and aunt for lunch! It was great catching up. Stopped by Michael's on my way home. Worked on the 50 birthday cups, picked up Ella, worked on the cups some more, and then dropped Ella off at a baseball game, dropped off an Amazon return, got home, unloaded the dishwasher, laundry, poured a glass of wine and headed back to the craft room.  

Ian went to watch Brett play in his golf match! I love these two!! 

Ben got home from work not feeling great so he took medicine and crashed. Ian went to pick up Ella, and I worked in the craft room!! 

Friday, February 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, I did a few things around the house and then I started watching Outer Banks season 3. I kept saying this is the last episode and before I knew it, it was time to go get Ella. Ran to Publix get the items I needed to make BBQ nachos, Addison came to spend the night with Ella. When Ben got home, we started OBX season 3 (well he started it and I started it again), He went to bed, and I watched the last episode of OBX. 

Saturday, February 25th- 

Ben, Ian, and I headed to the Chilly Dogg tournament. They played and I helped Leigh Anne. 

Grammy brought the girls up to the course to watch a few holes, then I took then home to make their hats for the basketball game! It was red out! 

red boa feathers everywhere!! 

They are so CUTE!! 

The boys got home, Ian went to pick up Kathryn, and I went to pick up El Real for dinner. We sat on the couch and watched the rest of OBX season 3. Ben and I went to bed around 11:30 and I was running a temp of 100.5. UGH! By 1:45 am, it was up to 101.2. I tried to toughen it out but around 3:30 Ben got me Motrin. 
My fever finally broke around 4:45AM. 

Sunday, February 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys went to play golf, I ordered groceries to be delivered because I still wasn't feeling great. I started cleaning house and laundry! I picked Ella up from Addison's house! Then around 3, Ella went to play a practice round, and I came home to set my planner up for the week. When Ella got finished with her round, Ben picked her up! We grilled chicken for dinner and then they cleaned golf clubs! 

When I finally sat down, my temp starting going back up and ran around 100.8 throughout the night! 

But look at our sweet visitor! Little Cat. 

Lots of groceries! 

Sweet Bella played with her "adopted" siblings all day and crashed! Not sure if I mentioned it before but Bella is staying with us for several weeks while some remodeling is being done at her house!! 

We crashed early or should I say I crashed early because I felt yucky!! 

Cheers to a new week, friends! 

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