All Time Amazon Favorites

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Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! How is your week going so far?? I am joining Shay and Erika for Let's Look and we are looking at our all time Amazon Favorites but I am putting my own little spin on it! Sharing my all time Amazon favorites from 2022. When I say All Time Favorites, I mean an item that I wear or use all the time. 

Wear this watchband daily...

My All Time Favorite Collagen

Cord Organizers! LOVE LOVE 

I use this pouf every morning during my quiet time. 

My ALL TIME FAVORITE portable charger. 

Y'all know my love for these tankini bathing suit tops

This fan for my Peloton is AMAZING! 

Fly Fans are seriously amazing when eating outside! They are a MUST! 

I LOVE LOVE all the Lodge pieces I have purchased from Amazon 

Some of my FAVORITE Pens 

Y'all have seen these flip flops SEVERAL times! The BEST! 


AWE! Love these set. We use them on the daily. 

My ALL TIME Favorite blanket

My Favorite Diffuser. 

Love Amazon! What is one of your all time favorites?? 

I have several All Time Favorite clothing/shoes so I will share those in a separate post! 

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