Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ben and I had a fun over night date in Atlanta. I will recap our week and weekend tomorrow! So for today I am sharing some Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Girls. 

I will say that Ella currently owns 5 of these items and 5 of them she said she would love to receive in her Easter basket. 

1. SOL DE JANEIRO Fragrance Spray.  Ella wears this daily and loves it. This is her second bottle. 

2. Happy Face Slippers. I believe these are her 3rd pair. She wore one pair OUT! They were nasty. A friends dog got ahold of one pair, and this is her current pair. 

3. Dewy Coconut Setting Spray. Ella uses this every morning after she applies her makeup. She only wears a light foundation, blush, and mascara. 

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Ella will wear these when she wears her contacts since she is on her phone or laptop so much wether for school or pleasure. 

5. STUFF Bag. Ella does not have this bag but she is loving this one to hold all her "stuff" 

6. Golf Skort. Ella has this skort in 4 colors for golf and she LOVES it. She wears them for more than golf. She wears an XS and they fit her great. 

7. Graphic Tees. Homegirl loves her a good oversized tee. She wears them all spring and summer. I was asking her about bathing suit cover ups and she said " Mom, I am just going to wear a big ole t-shirt like I always do" Well ok then. 

8. Preppy Spiral Journal. Ella and I both love to journal not to mention that its a great way to get your feelings and thought out without having to actually speak said feelings into the universe. 

9. Scented Pens. I mean if you are going to journal then you must have awesome pens and scented ones just make it that much better. 

10. High Waisted Bikini. Lord help me on this subject. 😆 We do find some suits that we agree on. Luckily, she loves the high waisted ones. 

Please let me know if you have other suggestions for teenage girls! Cause this mamma can use all the suggestions. Not to mention these are great ideas for Birthdays, Christmas, etc. 

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