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HAPPY FRIDAY! How was your week? I have a few FAVORITE spring/summer shoes for y'all! Funny story, Ben and I have known each other since we were in 6th grade. We were like brother/sister in high school. I remember one day, he commented on my crazy shoes and made me go home that afternoon and count how many pairs of shoes I had in my closet. I'm embarrassed to admit that I remember that I actually counted my shoes and I had around 25 pairs of shoes in high school that my sweet single mama bought me! 

My mom has always joked that I had to get a job as soon as I could to support my shoe and purse problem! HA 

Let's see what I rounded up for this post...

I will tell you that I do pay a good bit for most of my shoes because I keep them for years and they have to be comfortable! I am to old for my feet to hurt! HA OH and I will not wear a shoe where the heel is higher than 3.5 inches 

But I will mention that I do love a good pair of shoes from Target! 

I LOVE these and since they are UGGS you know they will be comfortable! On Amazon, they come in 3 colors and the red were just added to my cart, too! Hello GA football season!  

I love a good platform shoe. This one is just perfect. 

Y'all know Leopard is my love language and look at these beauties...

In the description,  it states the heel is 3.5 inches. fingers crossed! 

Y'all know I love a good espadrille and look at these and the color luggage. 

My ALL TIME FAVORITE flip flops that I wear all during warm weather... I have mentioned these flip flops several times before but they deserve another mention. 

What is your FAVORITE shoe to wear in warm weather?? 

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