Monthly Goals | May 2023

Y'all It's GRADUATION Month. How did we get here?  But since it's a new month, I will share new goals. 

I should probably make the only goal this month be JUST SURVIVE! 😉

Let's start with M A Y...


1. Close Apple Rings 20 times. This month is going to be insanely busy so I will need the exercise/movement to keep me sane. 

2. Ride the Peloton 15 times. My goal is to hit 300 rides before CMA FEST. 

3. Teach a Red, White, and Blue Charcuterie Class. Last November I taught a class at The Oasis (our churches outreach program) and I am excited to teach another one this month. 

4. Volunteer at The Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. Our AD asked me to run the high school tent on one of the holes and the tournament is at our home course so its a win-win. 


1. Attend the Golf Banquet. I can't believe the end of Ian's high school golf career is over and Ella has already finished her freshman year season. 

2. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Y'all know we love any reason for a Fiesta. 

3. Attend all the GRADUATIONS. Y'all I can't even handle all these babies graduating. 

4. Attend all the GRADUATION Parties. Y'all we have 5 parties to attend in ONE weekend! So much fun but SO busy. 

5. Play/Work Young Life Tournament. We are so excited to help organize our local Young Life's annual golf tournament. It is their biggest fundraiser. 

6. Attend the FFA Banquet. Ella has enjoyed being in FFA this year and we are excited to celebrate her accomplishments. 

My Glittery Heart

1. Recaps: Last month was mainly recaps and y'all will be getting a lot more this month with everything we have going on. 

2. Morning Routine. I love reading other peoples routines, Day in the Life, etc, so I thought it would be fun to share my morning routine again. 

3. Random post. I am thinking random things I do in carpool line. I have had years of practice at this one. 

4. Favorite Red, White, and Blue items. It's about to be SUMMER and that means all the RED, WHITE, & BLUE love. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Finish Gifts for CMA FEST. I love making part of our gifts for this trip. 

2. Make all the Graduation Decor. I know I am making cupcake picks, banner, centerpieces. 


Now let's see how I did last month...


✔1. Close all Rings on my Apple Watch 10 days. I use to close all my rings most days but not here lately. But I was proud that I closed them 13 days last month. I closed my rings 15 times. 

2. Work M5 Small Business Courses. I signed up for a few courses and I can't wait to work on them some more.  I just didn't make the time to really sit down and listen to the classes. 

3Work on Sourdough and Class. I am part of Ash and Lizi's monthly sourdough membership. I am still behind and I can't wait to work on it even more this month. I have kept up with feeding my sourdough starter but I have listened to any of the lessons. 

✔4. Ride the Peloton 15 times. My goal is to hit 300 rides before CMA FEST. I did 22 rides on the Peloton. 

5. Read 3 Books. Last month I read 3, let's hope for 3 more this month. I only read 1 book this month but I am still 1 book ahead of schedule for this year. 

6. Check off 5 items from my Clean Out List.  Here is a list of what I hope to accomplish...
1. Living Room
2. Finish Craft Room
3. Finish Master Bedroom
4. Finish Master Bathroom
5. Start the Kitchen

and I am not even worrying about this list until I get back from CMA Fest. 


✔1. Attend all the Golf Matches. With both kids playing high school golf, our lives will revolve around golf. Oh YES. We attended LOTS of golf matches. 

✔2. Attend Ian's College Signing. Ian is signing that he is going to continue his golf career at LaGrange college. YES! Even if the AD did say the wrong college that Ian will be attending in the Fall. 

✔3. Enjoy Spring Break. We are heading to the lake with The Boswell's and Ian is going on a cruise with Kathryn. YES! We had a blast at the lake and Ian enjoyed the cruise with Kathryn. 

✔4. Celebrate Easter. We love getting together with family and attending Easter service. YES! 

✔5. Watch The Masters. This golf loving family loves watching The Masters. YES! 

6. Ella attend the FFA Convention. Ella is exciting about attending this convention in Atlanta. At the last minute, Ella decided not to go because of the workload from her AP classes. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Favorite Neutrals. Y'all know my love for neutrals and I plan to share a few purchases from this month. 

2. Ordinary Products. I love Ordinary products and hope to share my morning and night skincare routines. 

3. Make 1 Reel. I made 2 last month of just pictures, I hope to practice a little more this month. 

4. Fiesta Bar Cart. Y'all know my love of the Bar Cart and Cinco de Mayo must be celebrated. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Introduce New Product take 4. EEK. This product has been brewing in my head for over a year and a half. 

I am not sure if I am going to actually make this one a reality. My idea was to just make a box of items like a wine glass, cupcake picks, cake topper, party straws, confetti, etc so it would basically be a "party in a box" I really haven't taken the time to sit down, cut out, and assembly all the things to make this a reality. I don't know if it's me that's stopping me or has Oh My Glittery past it's "season". (if that makes sense) If I don't make the time to work on it this month then I am going to let the idea "die" for now. 

This idea is just being but on hold for a little bit. 

2. Make 1 Reel. I suck at these and they make me so nervous. 

I didn't get to mark off as much as I would have liked on the to do list but that's ok. Cheers to May! 

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