Our Week with A Senior Walk, Back to WW, and Graduation Parties.

Happy Monday Y'all! Happy Memorial Day! It is not lost on my family that we get to enjoy a day on the course and the pool because of the fallen. We will not forget. 

I am recapping the week of May 15th-May 20th. Ian's graduation party deserves it's own post! :) 

Monday, May 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Ride on the Peloton, then all the things on the To-Do list...

Clean house, Laundry, Clean Craft room, Work on Grad Decor. 

I picked up Ella from school, Ben and the kids went to play pickle ball, and picked up Jersey Mike's on the way home. 

Tuesday, May 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Get ready and head to my 9:30 Dermatologist appointment. I have atopic dermatitis aka eczema on my hands. Their is no cure just ways to manage it. I am currently using a topical cream. The dermatologist wanted me to start a shot every other week but insurance denied it so we have to start over. 

I met my mom and sister for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. 

Picked up Ella from school started working on Ian's slide show for his party, made Ritz chicken for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and I stayed up till midnight working on Ian's slideshow for his party! Finally CRASHED! 

Wednesday, May 17th- 

Coffee and Jesus! But look who was on our porch looking up at the birds eggs. Little Cat! 

Kids went to school and by 8:10, I got this picture from Ian. He got to hold his favorite teachers snake. I would be freaking out! 

I got to the school around 11:15 for their SENIOR walk around the school. 

I took Ian and Kathryn to lunch at Applebee's. We got home chilled and look who enjoyed sunning....

Ian went to get Ella and they went to play pickle ball and grab dinner! I found Trixie like this on Ella's bed. She loves the weighted Dino! 

Ben and I headed to Wine Night and the kids stopped by The Smith's to recreate a picture!! 

End of Pre-K to End of Senior Year!! Y'all!! 

After wine night, Ben and I grabbed dinner at The Bistro before heading home and crashing!! 

Thursday, May 18th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School. Ride on the Peloton. and look at my motivation for this ride! I think I need new accountability partners! 🤣🤣

I got ready and headed back to WW. It felt really good to go back to a meeting! After my meeting, I met Ian and Kathryn at Legends for lunch before his appointment to get a shot for college. Y'all he was a NERVOUS wreck. Like acting a goofy fool with sweaty armpits. I snapped this picture before...

After the shot, he said that's it and acted like a rockstar!!!! 

I stopped by Publix, Picked up Ella, and made quesadillas for dinner! Cleaned up the kitchen and CRASHED! 

Friday, May 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, I dropped Ella off at school (Ian finished on Thursday), then headed to my 8:30 AM hair appointment. 
After my hair appointment, I grabbed CFA, stopped by Hobby Lobby and Publix. Then it was all the things to finish Graduation party stuff!! 
Grabbed Ella from school and continued to work on the to do list. I finally CRASHED! 

Saturday, May 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Clean Sweep, Load my car, pay for Ian's cupcakes, and all the parties!! 

First up, Brett's Party....

Ian left for another graduation party before we snapped a family picture! 

We sure do love our Brett Walker! 

After Brett's party, We headed to Noah and Toby's party... 

After the boy's party, we headed to Conyer's party and this is the only picture I snapped! 

It was a great day of celebrating some of our favorite graduates! 

I will recap Ian's graduation party!! 

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