Our Week with Graduation Party Prep, Charcuterie Class, Prom, and Mother's Day

Hello Friends! It's graduation day for our Ian Michael! I am a mess of emotion. 

The past 2 weeks have been INSANE! I think I am finally feeling like I am catching up after all the graduation parties!! 

Let me start with recaps....

Monday, May 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, and Ride on the Peloton. Bella came to visit and was a huge motivation during my ride! HA 😛

Ella posted this on her IG story. Cue the tears 

Worked on cupcake picks for Brett and Ian's parties. 

I picked up Ella, Ian went to Honor's Night with Kathryn (Ian missed being an honor grad by like .5 of his GPA) , and I took Ella to her hair appointment. 

We got home and crashed. 

Tuesday, May 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school,  Ride on the Peloton, Publix, Carwash, finish Senior letters, pick up Ella, burgers for dinner, showers, and bed.

Wednesday, May 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to School, and work in the craft room. Trixie was a lot of help! HA 

I went shopping for the supplies for a charcuterie class that I was teaching, picked up Ian's tux, Ian went to the dentist, Pick up Ella from school. Made dinner, Cleaned up the Kitchen, showered and bed. 

Thursday, May 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Then I got everything packed up and headed to The Oasis to teach a red, white, and blue charcuterie class. 

Not my best board but a lot of fun! 

I picked up Ella from school and headed to the nail salon! We just kinda of snacked on leftovers for dinner! Showers and bed! 

Friday, May 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Ride on the Peloton. Clean sweep of the house and started working on the GRAD sign. 

I couldn't find Trixie and found her in Ian's room. I think she is already missing her Bubs! 

These were a PAIN IN MY BUTT! I worked on these and Ian's Senior poster! Ian went to Kathryn's house for dinner for her 18th birthday! Ben and Ella went to play pickle ball! 

Saturday, May 13th- 

We were up early! Ben went to get Ian's truck washed, I went to hang Ian's poster, pick up his graduation party sign, deliver onions that Ella sold for FFA. 

Ian's Senior Poster. 

Ben went to his uncle's memorial service. While I got Ian ready for PROM! Ben met us for prom pictures. 

Once we sent them on their way, we headed to Ben's cousins house to gather for his uncle's life celebration. 
Ian and Kathryn had so much at THEIR LAST PROM! They got home around 11PM! 

Sunday, May 14th- Mother's Day. 

Coffee, Jesus, and we headed to Church. 

Love these people SO MUCH! 

Oh these 4! Love Love them! 

After church, we headed to Legend's for brunch and then out on the course! 

Love my Ella! 

We got home, did a few loads of laundry, took a nap, had groceries delivered, then met The Boswell's for a few games of Pickleball! Disclaim: I SUCK! 

It was a great week!! 

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