Christmas Gift Guide for the Self Care Lover

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Hey Y'all. Happy Friday! I hope y'all had a great week. I am starting to share my Christmas Gift Guides. 

I hope these help you find a few gift ideas or maybe a gift or two for yourself. 

A guide for anyone who loves self care at home or looking to add to their skin care routine. 

1. Vitamin E Ointment- I love this stuff. I just started using it in August. I put it under my eyes at night, around my cuticles, and on my eczema patches. 

2. Body Oil- I love to use a body oil after I get out of the shower in place of lotion. I have used Neutrogena body oil for years but recently came across this brand and I will be purchasing it as soon as I am out of my Neutrogena. 

3. Snail Mucin- I keep seeing this stuff all over IG and blogs. I am excited to add it to my skin care routine. Plus with 4.6 stars out of over 57,000 reviews, I think that speaks for itself. 

4. Himalayan Salt Scrub-
I love a good body scrub. I love it in the winter for dry skin and in the summer to feel like I am scrubbing away all the sunscreen and peeling skin. 4.4 stars out of over 44,000 reviews.

5. Dry Brush- I have been reading all about the benefits of dry brushing. From Exfoliating the skin, Stimulating the lymphatic system, Increasing circulation and energy, and Reducing cellulite.  I have this dry brush, I just need to add it to my routine. 

6. Ice Roller- I have a traditional ice roller for my face but I am excited to try this one. You basically make your ice cube. 

7. Skin Care- This is my FAVORITE basic skincare routine and I have been using it for a few years. 

8. Eye Patches- I love a good eye patch and Lord knows I need to use them often. 4.3 stars with over 13,000 reviews. Any hydration for the eyes is a good thing. 

9. Dermaplaning Tool- Gotta make sure you are keeping those eyebrows in check or keep that peach fuzz at bay. 😉 These are awesome. Ella and I use them often. 

10. Vanity Mirror- With all this scrubbing, serums, and dermaplaning you will need a great mirror that lights up and this is a great one. 

So if you love a good skin care, self love routine, what is something that you use and love! Please share below

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