Christmas Gift Guide for the Teen Girl

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Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! Cheers to a new week. I am back with another gift guide but this time for the Teen Girl. 

These are all items that Ella owns and loves. She usually them often and most daily. 

1. Make Up Bag- Ella loves this one. Its easy to throw her stuff in for a spend the night out at a friends house. 

2. Charger- We all have this charger and use it mainly for travel. It's awesome. 

3. Hair Brush- Ella loves this brush and of course uses it daily. 

4. Oversized SweatShirt- Ella has this exact sweatshirt but she loves any oversized sweatshirts like this one. 

5. Lego Sets- Ella loves to put together these flower lego sets. This is her second one. 

6. Romper- Ella loves this romper. She wears it often and can add a jacket for the cooler weather we are having. 

7. Body Fragrance- Ella loves this body spray and wears it everyday. 

8. Smiley Face Slippers- I believe this is Ella's 3rd or 4th pair of these slippers. She loves them and wears them out. 

9. Sandals- Ella loves these sandals mainly for the summer but will sometimes wear in the Fall and Winter. She really loves her real Birkenstocks. 

10. Ruffle Comforter- Ella has this comforter in 2 colors and loves it. She will change from the pink and sage green color. 

11. Skirt- Ella loves these tennis skirts but of course she wears them for golf! I think she has them in almost all the colors. 

If you have a teen girl, what is she loving right now?? 

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