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Hey Hey Friday!! I hope y'all had a great week.  I should also wish some a Good Friday! It's amazing what can happen in 3 days. 

I have mentioned a few times that I have read the bible through in 2020 with The Bible Recap. The year we lost my father in law. I say that because Mike was a christian man that loved the Lord with his whole being and shared his faith whenever he could so when I started reading the bible I couldn't wait to talk about it with Mike. I got to talk to him about the bible for about 6 months and then we lost him. 

On January 1st, 2024, I started reading the bible again following The Bible REcap. 

I do want to share on this Good Friday a few of my FAVORITES for all your Bible Recap needs. 

You can start with Step one and I chose The Bible App on my phone to follow. 

Step 2.   Prep episodes - which I will admit I am still working my way through these videos. 

Step 3.   Start reading and listening to the Bible recap in the devotional section of the daily reading!! 

Step 4. Connect. Connect on social media with others following along on the Bible Recap App. I love following along on IG. 

Here are a few tools that I love and use.... 


Bible Pens

Bible Highlighters 

Bible Tabs

Bible Recap: One year Guide of Understanding the Bible. 

I would also like to say I am proud of myself for committing to day 89 of reading the Bible for the second time around. 

Happy Easter! 

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