Our Trip to Puerto Rico

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday!! I hope your week is off to a great start!! I am recapping our trip to Puerto Rico with Ben's company. March 2nd- March 6th, 2024

Saturday, March 2nd- 

My alarm went off at 2:30AM. I got up enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. I was in the shower by 3:30am and the car was packed and we were on the road to the airport by 4:40 AM. We were at the airport around 5:40. We got our bags checked in, got through security, and to the gate around 6:30. We grabbed breakfast and a drink before boarding the plane around 7:50. Our flight was at 8:15AM. 

Ben was just pleasant at 8:30AM on a Saturday morning headed to PR. He hates flying. 

Flying above the clouds. 

We landed in Puerto Rico right at 12:15, got to baggage claim, and our stuttle leaving around 12:45. We got to the resort around 1:30. We got checked in but our room wasn't ready so we had them hold our luggage, and we went to grab something to eat at The 5 o'clock Bar. We stayed at The Wyndham Grand Rio Mar. 

We got into our room and luggage around 4ish. I changed into my swimsuit and headed to the pool while Ben took a nap. 

Bartender getting our duck farts ready. 

I went up around 6PM, we got ready, and headed to dinner at 7PM at Roots Coastal Grill. 

Then we headed to the Casino and ended up in the Lobby Bar. 

Love my Carly. 

We headed to bed around 11PM and CRASHED! 

Sunday, March 3rd- 

We got up, got ready, put on our swimsuits, headed to breakfast, and then headed to the beach. 

Our view from breakfast. 

By 9:30 AM, we were on the beach and these 3 were solving all the world's problems and smoking cigars!! 

Love the brown sugar sand. 

After the beach, we headed to the pool for lunch and more sun. 

Ben and I headed up around 3PM for naps!! 

We got ready and headed down to dinner around 7PM at the Tapas Bar. 

Outside of the casino.

Ben went to bed shortly after the casino because he wasn't feeling great. I went out for a little while longer with the others. 

First up another duck fart. 

Oh Carly! 

I went up to our room around 11:30 and crashed. 

Monday, March 4th- 

Ben and I were up, got ready, headed to breakfast, after breakfast headed straight to the beach again. 

Part of Team Bramlett 

Ben watched Ian on the app for the first round of his tournament. Ben was constantly giving me updates.

Around lunch, we went to the pool to eat, enjoy a few drinks, and lots of laughs with his co-workers. 

Ella had a match, as well. I made sure she had lots of people there to support her. Ben watched her on the app as well and kept us all updated. She got low medalist for girls. 

Her besties came to support her. 

After dinner drinks. 

Later that evening, Ella sent me this picture of her and Trixie. I was missing these two so much!! 

After dinner, we went to the casino for a little bit and to the little lobby bar. It was a great night with lots of laughs. 

Ben and I headed up to bed and crashed. 

Tuesday, March 5th- 

Ben and I were up, got ready, went to breakfast, and you guessed it...headed straight to the beach. HE enjoyed a cigar and slowly others started to join us. Susanne and I walked on the beach. We enjoyed the sun for a little bit more and then headed to the Tiki Bar for lunch. Grabbed a drink and sat around the pool with a few others for a little bit. 

Look at our visitor at the pool. 

Ben and I went up around 3:00 and enjoyed some rest and a quick nap. Ella sent me this picture of Trixie. They slept in our bed the whole time we were gone. 

Ella's golf practice got cancelled due to rain. 

Ian finished his tournament with the score of 73, 76, 79 which was +12. We hate that we missed Ian's tournament and Ella's Match. 

Tuesday evening, Ben and I went to eat at Palio just the 2 of us. Then we ventured down to the pool by the fire pit. Ben enjoyed a cigar and I enjoyed a couple of drinks. 

We headed up a little before 10PM because we knew we had to be up fairly early to get packed up and in the lobby by 10:30. 

Wednesday, March 6th- 

Ben and I were up and get ready. We went down for one last breakfast. We went back to the room to finish packing and checked out by 10AM. Our shuttle was at the resort a little before 11 to take us to the airport. 

We got to the airport around 11:30. Got our bags checked, through security, and sitting at a bar by 12:15. We enjoyed a drink and an appetizer before we were boarding the plane at 1:20. 

We landed in Atlanta at 4:55. We were off the plane, picking up our luggage at baggage claim, and leaving the airport by 5:40. We got to our neck of the woods around 6:40, stopped by Publix, got home, unpacked, and laying in the bed a little after 8PM. Ben started Suites on the way to Puerto Rico and he said I have to watch it with him so he watched The Pilot again with me. We turned off the lights around 9:30. We were exhausted. 

Ella and the pups were so excited to see us. Well Ella was after she got home from campiagers. 

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