The Rest of Our Week....

Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well. I am recapping the rest of the week once we got back from Puerto Rico

Thursday, March 7th- 

Ben left for the office a little after 6AM so the pups and I were up. I let them out to potty, fed them, poured a cup of coffee and got settled into my chair for coffee and quiet time. 

I woke Ella up around 7am to get ready for school. I got her lunch made, water bottle filled up, started a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and started attempting to get my life back in order! HA. 

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent doing all the laundry and running to Publix to get a few items that we needed for Friday and Saturday. 

I left the house a little after 2 to head to Ella's golf match. 

Ella and Lana. 

Braelyn and Ella. 

After her match, the 3 of us went to mexican for dinner. Once we got home, I did a few more things to get ready for Friday. Ben and I watched two episodes of Suits. Ian came home but went to Kathryn's for the night but ended up stopping by the house around 10:15 to say hey and a hug plus drop off his laundry. Once him and Kathryn left, I had a hard time falling back to sleep so I read, tossed and turned, slept for a little bit, read again and finally got up around 5:45 while Ben was getting ready for work. 

Friday, March 8th- 

Like I said above, I was up at 5:45 while Ben was getting ready for work. He left shortly after 6PM again. Woke Ella up around 6:45 because she wanted to go to CFA for breakfast with a friend. Packed her lunch, refilled her water bottle, and then I enjoyed a slower morning.  I started getting ready around 9:30 and left the house around 10:30 to met Ian at Legends for lunch. He played a few holes and then went to a club fitting. I picked my sister and Stacey up McDonald's for lunch and visited with the them for a little bit. I left their house around 2:45, got gas, picked up 2 more golf pullovers, and pulled into the driveway around 3:30. Ella had just gotten home from school. I did a few things around the house, Ella left the house around 4 to head to a baseball game and to spend the night with Addison. Once Ian got home from the course, him and Kathryn headed to Texas Longhorn for dinner to celebrate their 3rd anniversary that was on March 4th. 
I worked on a blog post, going through emails, etc. Once Ben got home, we ate a light dinner and watched Suites. Ian and Kathryn got home. Ben and I turned off the lights around 10PM. 

Saturday, March 9th- 

I was up around 6:45AM. I let the dogs out to potty, fed them, poured a cup of coffee, and settled into my chair for my quiet time. I am still catching up from not reading while in PR. 

Ben got up around 7:40 and I started breakfast around 8AM. Once we ate breakfast, I cleaned up, started the dishwasher, more laundry, and Ben and I watched a few more episodes of Suites. Ian and Kathryn went to workout, I showered, put on comfy clothes, and dozed off. I helped Ian and Kathryn fix lunch once they got home. 

Around 1PM, I went out to the garage to start cleaning up. I ended up with 2 bags for Goodwill and one bag of trash. 

Once the garage was picked up, I emptied the dishwasher, loaded it back up, more laundry, then started taco meat for dinner. 

I started cleaning up the craft room, finished getting dinner ready, while the girls went to pick up cheese and bean dip, we ate, Ella went back to Addison's, and Ben and I finished season 1 of Suites. Ian and Kathryn hung out, I finished the craft room, poured a glass of wine and finished my PR recap, and typed most of this blog post. 

I set the clocks forward and crawled into bed around 11:30. 

Sunday, March 10th- 

I got up and enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. Ben, Ian, and Kathryn got up, ready, and were leaving for Legends around 8AM. I got in the shower a little bit after they left and was leaving to met Ella at church a little after 9AM. We went to the 9:30 service at Bethlehem Church. (not our home church but Ella really enjoys this church so I am going with her) After church service, we dropped her car off at home, went to Legends for a quick lunch, and around 12PM we were heading to see my niece in her play. Adalie is my oldest half brothers oldest daughter. Adalie's main role was Major of the Munchkins in Wizard of Oz for her school. She played a few other parts as well. 

David held our chairs with napkins with their last name on them. Whatever works. Deyton is my maiden name. 

Adalie is in the front with the black top hat on. 

Here she is a jitterbug dancing with Dorothy. 

She was not a fan of this green dress. 

After the show and we brought her flowers.

Then the little sister needed in on our picture!! 

After her play, we all went to eat hibachi for dinner. Ella and I went back to my dad's house to see the progress of my brother David's house that they are building behind my dads house. It looks awesome.

Ben and Ian got home earlier that afternoon, Ian got packed up, and headed back to LaGrange around 6PM. 

We left my dads around 6:45 and got home a few minutes after 8PM. I gathered the trash and took it to the street, gave Duke his medicine, set the coffee for the next morning, fed my sourdough starter, took a shower, and crawled into the bed a little after 9PM.

Cheers to almost being the weekend again. 

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