Friday Favorites | Ben's Tried and Trues.

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Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week. I am sharing a few of Ben's tried and true favorites in case y'all need any ideas for Father's Day coming up. 

Ben uses this bag as his cigar bag and it works well to hold his cigars, lighters, and cutters. 

This is Ben's favorite speaker and he uses it almost daily. 

Ian ordered this smoker set for Ben for Christmas and he has used it once or twice and liked it. 

If yall have read any of my weekly recaps then you know that Ben plays golf as much as possible and he will only wear FootJoy golf shoes. This is a great basis pair. 

Ben also smokes cigars. He loves unusual type ash trays to use on the back deck and this is a fun one. 

I purchased a similar 3 in 1 charger for all of us to use for travel and we love it. We use it mainly for when we travel. It's great! 

Ben loves this Yeti book bag cooler when he walks with Ian during his golf tournaments. It's easy to store water and Powerade's plus has a dry storage. It's also great for the pool/beach when we have other bags to carry. 

Ben loves his Yeti tumbler and uses it every morning for his coffee. 

Y'all know Ben is a Bourbon drinker and he uses this Yeti rambler often. 

Ben loves this portable charger and always has it on him. 

What are a few items that your husband/boyfriend find as their tried and trues! 

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