Our Week with Memorial Day, Kids Hanging Out with Friends, and the Lake.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a great weekend. I am recapping the week before last. So May 27th-June 2nd. 

Monday, May 27th- 

Coffee and Jesus. My gang headed to the golf course. I enjoyed a slow morning and then headed to the pool. 
Ben and Ella met me after the pool once they were done with golf but they had already cleaned up the food so we headed home and had El Real delivered.  We enjoyed a slow evening at home and crashed early. 

Tuesday, May 28th- 

Ben to the office, I enjoyed a slow morning, walked with Keri, and Ella went to hang out with her besties. 

Later that afternoon, Ian headed to Jay's house and then these 3 guys headed to The Braves game. 

Ella and I cleaned out her room for her new furniture to be delivered on Wednesday. Then we went to eat dinner at Top Dawg with The Smith's. 

We got home, prepped for Wednesday, and called it a night. 

Wednesday, May 29th- 

Ben to the office, Coffee and Jesus for me, Then I had to wake Ella up because her new furniture was delivered at 8:45am. We love it. We ordered it from Rooms to Go and it was an easy process.  She got the dresser and night stand. 

She got everything put back in her drawers and set up. Then we went to help my sister finish moving. Ella headed to met Ben and Ian at the golf course, I helped my sister for a little while longer and then me, her, and her sister in law went to eat Mexican where we all enjoyed a big ole drink. 

Thursday, May 30th- 

Ben to the office, Coffee and Jesus for me, then I walked with Keri. I got ready, grocery shopped for the lake, packed for the lake, and then was heading to get gas, pick up Leigh Anne, and stop by Striplings before heading to the lake. 

By 7:30pm, this was my view....

Leigh Anne and I crashed around 11pm. 

Friday, May 31st- 

I was up around 6:30, started coffee and enjoyed my quiet time.  Leigh Anne woke up shortly after and we just enjoyed our down time before the gang got there. We got beds made, drink coolers set up, and then we found ourselves on the dock. 

My gang got to the lake around 4:30. They unloaded and then this kid started fishing. 

Rob, Brett, and his friend, Montana got their around 6:30ish. We grilled burgers for dinner and then these 2 used the bug sapper to kill lots of bugs. They were so proud. Well Ian loved it more then Ella! HA 

Then it was on to night fishing. 

The kids went to put out a few catfish traps. When they got back, I said goodnight and crashed. 

Saturday, June 1st- Brett's Birthday. 

We woke up slowly except Brett, he had already gone fishing. We enjoyed coffee. breakfast, and then got ready to head out on the water. 

I just love these 2...

A little more fishing. 

Then tubing. 

After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to Brett! 

The kids went out fishing again and the adults went for a boat ride and look what we saw. 

Sunday, June 2nd- 

We left the lake house around 6am, home by 8am, and left for the Braves game with Ben's company by 10am. We had a blast at the Braves game with Ben's work family. I talked so much to everyone that I didn't take one picture. 

We got home around 5:30, I showered, Ella went to hang out with Addison, and Kathryn came to our house. Ella got home at 9pm and I CRASHED. 

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