We SURVIVED the first week of BACK TO SCHOOL! Y'all I don't even have a paying job to go to everyday and I am EXHAUSTED! This week kicked my booty!! It's rough getting back into a routine! ;) #firstworldproblems! 

Now that you all know that this week was a dozey let me share some of our FAVORITES!! 

We were not excited about our summer ending, but knowing that the kiddos had a great first week and are loving it so far is definitely a FAVORITE! You can read all about Ian and Ella's first day of school here

My Crock pot is by far my FAVORITE way to cook dinner and I am so thankful that Justine, Leigh, and Erica hosted "Pinspiration" Wednesday and the theme was "Crock Pot" Dinners!! You can read what I shared here! and if you check out their links...even MORE recipes!! 

I am slowly but surely starting to LOVE working out!! SO Wednesday evening a few of my girlfriends talked me into coming to a VIVE class with them!! I was dreading it but being there with some of my FAVORITE girlfriends made it worth it!! I am so uncoordinated! It's awful :(

Sweaty Selfie!!  :)

I hosted a Back to School GIVEAWAY over on my IG!! I was so thankful that some of my FAVORITE makers donated their items! 

I mean just look at all this talent!! LOVE IT

I can't explain to you how happy I am that I meal prepped this past Sunday! Being able to grab a salad for lunch that I just had to pour into a bowl was a FAVORITE for sure!! 
Now if I can just keep it up! ;)

Hope you guys have had an AWESOME week and get to hang with some of your FAVORITE peeps this weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. Happy Friday friend!! So glad it was a great week for your kiddos and that you are loving your new workout routine!!:)

    1. Thank you Justine. Ian was a ball of nerves starting MS but overall a great week!!
      Have a great weekend sweet friend.

  2. Happy Friday and girl, you had a great week! Woo hoo! Enjoy your weekend and rest up to do it all again :)

  3. Your salads look delicious! Now if you would just come to my house and make some to put in my fridge! We still have a few weeks of summer left. I can tell my daughter is already getting a little nervous about starting high school! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So glad the kiddos had a great first week!! Way to go on working out - I have never heard of those classes, but I am all about a fun workout with friends!! I need to get back into meal prepping...maybe next week! ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You look adorable is in your workout pic!!! And I'm going to find you on instagram now!!